Makeup Trends For Fall 2021 That You’ll Want To Try

A change in seasons is more than just swapping out your sundresses for your long sleeves. As we shift from summer to fall, we also shed our summer vibe—and what better way to encapsulate the aura of autumn than by playing up your makeup routine to fit fall aesthetics? So grab your cosmetics case (or book an appointment with a professional makeup artist on Booksy) and get ready to bid summer farewell with our lineup of makeup trends for fall 2021, for every woman.

Fall makeup for brown eyes: blue hues

Shades of teal, turquoise, and cobalt blue bring out the best of brown eyes.

Fall makeup for blue eyes: sunset shades

Summertime may be over, but its spirit lives on through sunset-reminiscent eyeshadow colors that truly pop against blues.

Fall makeup for green eyes & hazel: terracotta-inspired

The perfect pairing for green or hazel eyes? Reddish copper tones are in for fall 2021!

Fall makeup for blondes: pack on the volume

Having blonde hair sometimes means having lighter colored eyelashes too—but it’s nothing a set of falsies or your favorite mascara can’t fix (and don’t be afraid to pack on a few coats).

Fall makeup for brunettes: flushed cheeks

Nothing says fall quite like some rosy cheeks. And as a brunette, a little bit of blush will do wonders when it comes to adding depth and dimension.

Fall makeup for redheads: brushed-out brows

Fluffy, defined brows aren’t going anywhere and if you’re a redhead, you can bank on your existing hair color by brushing out your brows.
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Fall makeup for dark skin: electric liner

Neon eyeliner paired with a neutral lip? An effortlessly cool combination.

Fall makeup for medium skin: deep reds

While a vampy look that incorporates dark reds looks great on anyone, medium skin tones take the cake, with red shades complementing olive and golden undertones.

Fall makeup for pale skin: ultra-smokey

Smudged liner has officially made a comeback—don’t forget to fill in your brows for an overall bold look.
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