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Deresh Skin Care Studio
Antonia Vivaldiego 76, 52-129, Wrocław, Fabryczna
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Deresh Skin Care Studio

Antonia Vivaldiego 76, 52-129, Wrocław, Fabryczna


  • GIGI Laboratories

    • Ester C Face Cleansing+Bright SKIN Treatment +SPF

      160,00 zł+
    • Acid Face Cleansing+ Serum/Booster+Mask+SPF

      99,00 zł+
    • GIGI ACNON Spotless Skin (Acne Treatment Protocol)

      200,00 zł+
    • Face Cleansing + Retina A Peeling + PP Cream + SPF

      200,00 zł+

  • Peelings

    • Novelty Yellow Peel full Protocol - New Peel Spain

      The most popular peeling - Yellow Peel. Known for its high efficiency and low aggressiveness. Peeling removes... the epidermis at different levels, hence it is helpful both in reducing discoloration, as a firming anti-wrinkle treatment, and as a cleansing and brightening peel. The first phase of peeling - the action of glycolic and salicylic acids. They cause exfoliation and renewal of the epidermis, brightening of the face. The second phase - retinoic acid and vitamin C stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and glycosamines, thanks to which the skin becomes firm. The remaining ingredients - phytic acid, kojic acid and azelaic acid - remove the existing discoloration and prevent the formation of new ones. The strong and stimulating effect of Yellow Peel brings great results in treatments rejuvenating the eye area. Yellow Peel is a progressive peel - the end result is strictly dependent on the number of layers applied. Already within a few moments after the treatment, the microcirculation and oxidation of the skin improve and the supply of nutrients takes place. A trivial procedure, bringing the same benefits as more aggressive chemical peels, the main advantage is the minimal inconvenience for the patient.
      400,00 zł+
    • Manual Cleansing + Skin Type Peeling +Mask + SPF

      160,00 zł
    • Ultrasonic Face Cleansing + Peeling +Mask +SPF

      130,00 zł+
    • Mechanical Cleansing +Cavitation Peeling+Cream+SPF

      140,00 zł

  • Face Cleansing

    • Mechanical Face Cleansing + Skin type Cream + SPF

      99,00 zł+
    • Ultrasonic Face Cleansing + Serum/Booster + SPF

      130,00 zł
    • Multi-Stage Face Cleansing +Serum+SPF

      200,00 zł

  • Hydrogen face purification Aqua peel H2O2

    • Hydrogen Purification + Ampoule+ ST Cream + SPF

      190,00 zł

  • Problematic SKIN Acne Treatment

    • ACNELAN Anti ACNE and Seborrheic Skin Treatment

      It is a comprehensive anti-acne treatment that is an innovative therapy for acne and seborrheic skin. Acnelan... contains the active ingredient: m.acne complex - a patented complex of active substances based on salicylic acid, mandelic acid, shikimic acid and sodium lepargilate, which, together with the unique bexarethinyl complex, affects all elements of acne pathogenesis: inhibits the activity of 5-alpha reductase involved in the synthesis of androgens reduces hyperkeratosis of epidermal cells regulates the production of sebum cleans the sebaceous canals reduces redness and swelling caused by inflammation controls the proliferation of bacteria it soothes acne symptoms: scars and post-inflammatory discoloration Significantly reduces the existing acne lesions and complications (symptomatic effect) prevents the formation of new changes (causal action) multifactorial effect - the innovation of the preparation consists in combining the action of exfoliating substances contained in the patented m.acne complex with retinoids with documented therapeutic effect (bexaretinyl complex).
      320,00 zł

  • DIVES Med Treatments

    • Dives Medical Glycolic Peeling 50%

      Glycolic Peeling by Dives Med is a peeling recommended for gray, tired skin, with the first signs of aging, pr...oblematic skin, with acne changes, discoloration, with the problem of enlarged pores. The glycolic acid used has a positive effect on the metabolism and structure of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and replenishes endogenous hyaluronic acid. Long-term use leads to the reconstruction of elastic fibers and improvement of skin elasticity and thickness. Its excellent keratolytic effect perfectly cleanses the sebaceous glands, has sebostatic properties and reduces blackheads. Along with the stimulation of the renewal of the epidermis, melanin aggregates are removed and discolorations are depigmented. Effect on the skin post treatment: >firming, >improvement of the thickness of the skin structure, >anti-wrinkle effect, >reduction of discoloration, >even skin tone, >stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, >smoothing scars and acne lesions, >removal of uneven masses of the epidermis, >deep cleansing,
      90,00 zł+
    • Lactic Peel 72% + DMAE 11% Peeling Treatment

      Is a year-round peeling recommended for gray, tired skin, with the first signs of aging, with discoloration, s...ensitive and capillary, dry and dehydrated skin. A properly selected composition of lactic acid and DMAE improves skin hydration, its firmness and provides soft-lifting. The peeling formula works very gently on the skin, causing minimal irritation and a long-lasting refreshing effect. Indicated for: gray, tired skin, with the first signs of aging, with discoloration, sensitive couperose skin, dry and dehydrated skin. Post treatment results on skin: >intense hydration, >antioxidant effect, >improvement of skin tension, >firming, >thickening of the skin structure, >stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, >anti-wrinkle effect, >smoothing, >brightening,
      90,00 zł

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    Anzelika R…

    sty 28, 2021
    Great treatment, I am absolutely thrilled! For a long time, I was looking for a beautician who would give me competent advice, respond to my wishes, and whose treatments would also achieve results that I hoped for. Moreover, as a nursing mother, it ...was important for me to get a treatment with products that are specifically made for pregnant and/or nursing woman. I am very satisfied and will use Nina's service more often now.
    Odpowiedź: sty 28, 2021
    Deresh Skin Care Studio
    🙏Looking forward to the next visit to see you again and reach even more marvellous results. 😘

    Nelly N…

    sty 28, 2021

    Sergiu C…

    lis 27, 2020
    Professional attitude especially that she advised me to change the treatment and recommend the treatment adapted to my skin and my wishes. Above and beyond!...
    Odpowiedź: lis 27, 2020
    Deresh Skin Care Studio