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Hot Towel Shave

A close straight razor Hot Towel Shave & cleaning cream.

30m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Taper Fades, Blow Out, Bald Fades, etc

50m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Haircut, Hot Towel Shave & Facial

Haircut & includes a close straight razor Hot Towel Shave & Facial with cleaning cream.

1h 20m 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Haircut & Hot Towel Shave

Basic Haircut with a Hot Towel Shave

1h 10m 50,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Basic Haircut.

30m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Premium Hot Towel Shave

Two Hot Towel Shave + Facial

45m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Spa Package

In this service you will be able to enjoy a full services. Includes Haircut, Head Wash, Hot Towel Shave, Facial Massage, Black Mask & Eyebrows.

1h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Beard trim

Beard shape & clean trimming.

15m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Haircut & Beard

Basic Haircut + Beard Line Up & Trim. Prices varies depending on the haircut and the difficulty of the beard.

50m 35,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj


Vaporizing Machine with a Hot Towel followed by a massage and Facial Wash, Facial Scrub & lotion.

20m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Includes head wash and the price varies depending what type the hairstyle.

20m 15,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Black Mask

Mask that removes black heads

20m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Kids Haircut under 10 years or younger

Basic Kids Haircut, if you want a fade, blow out, etc is $25

30m 20,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj


20m 10,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj


5m 5,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Head Shave

A closer Head Shave with a Hot Towel.

30m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

House Call

Contact me before book this service.

1h 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Eyebrows Clean Up with straight razor.

5m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Clean Up

Line Up, neck Clean Up with straight razor.

20m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Head Wash

A good Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner Head Wash

5m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

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Opinie klientów (118)

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  1. Zabdiel avatar

    Zabdiel D.

    I been to a lot of barbers around in Jax, and GQ by far is the best. He take his time to make sure the haircut is perfect. El duro 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  2. Lokesh avatar

    Lokesh P.

    Best haircut I got in JAX, you can tell GQ takes his time and perfects his art. I have only had 3 barbers in my 31 years of life and now I’ve found my 4th

  3. Cedric avatar

    Cedric T.

    GQ is Always professional and makes sure every detail of my haircut is on point . I’ve been living in Jax for about 3 years now and I’ve been to several different barbershops but none of them have I experienced service like this . I recommended him to a couple of my friends as well and they have went and have similar things to say . Keep up the good work

  4. Md avatar

    Md I.

    Best in Jacksonville

  5. Victor avatar

    Victor A.

    Tremendo barbero bien responsable

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