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Ryan James Golf Instruction
101 E Lake St, Hanover Park, Hanover Park, 60133
13 opinii

Ryan James Golf Instruction

101 E Lake St, Hanover Park, Hanover Park, 60133


    • 1 hour golf lesson

      $ 40.00+
      $ 60.00+
    • 10 hour lesson package

      $ 600.00+
    • 5 hour package


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13 opinii
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Kelly F…

mar 8, 2020
Ryan didn’t show. No call or text to cancel.

Richard E…

paź 27, 2019
No show or call

Ricardo O…

lip 30, 2019
Ryan is a great instructor. I'm a total beginner, never took a swing prior to my first lesson. When I do what Ryan tells me to do the results are amazing. He mixes in one or two tweaks at a time and each iteration makes noticable improvements. I'm...


lip 29, 2019
Ryan i am coming August 1st st 1:45pm for My money u owe me

Isaiah B…

lip 2, 2019
Ryan has improved my swing drastically over just 3 lessons so far.He is very patient and knowledgeable about the game. His lessons will produce results. Definitely worth the investment.

Tony T…

lip 1, 2019
So far, I’ve had 2 lessons with Ryan, and the tweaks he’s help me make with my swing are already making a big difference with my ball contact and ball flight, stoked to finish out the last 8 lessons with him and see the finished results!!


cze 19, 2019
Good instructor..very knowledgeable

Vikas U…

cze 5, 2019
Really good communicator. Uses technology well to supplement what he’s trying to convey. Works well with both players that have experience and beginners.

Barbara J…

maj 9, 2019
Great instructor that can pin point specific areas that need improving.

Jess M…

kwi 7, 2019
Ryan is very patient in his teaching approach. After the third lesson everything started to click with my swing. If Ryan had a better student it would have only take one lesson to show marked improvement :)

Marcus D…

kwi 2, 2019
Ryan has improved my swing substantially in just three lessons! Thanks for all the help Ryan!

Zach G…

mar 26, 2019
I was very impressed with Ryan’s knowledge of the golf swing. We had a great lesson and I’ve already seen progress. His videos helped me a lot and I feel great about the upcoming golf season! I will be telling all of my golf buddies about Ryan.

Katie H…

mar 26, 2019
Great first lesson. Very patient and knowledgeable about the game of golf.