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The hybrid methods of bodywork referred to as Physio realignment is a mixture of energy work and trigger point therapy. With a philosophy focusing on finding the cause of the problem instead of just treating the affected area. In turn realigning and putting one’s body back together as a WHOLE. Biomagnetism employs the use of high-powered magnets to balance pH levels, allowing the body to function in its optimal condition. Specializing in returning your body to homeostasis. Improving ones immune response, helping tissue dysfunctions while getting rid of swelling, aches and pains, giving back your body full range of motion, and detoxification. 2nd office at 11522 Fallingstar Ct, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91701 for Wed & Fri

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Physio Realignment Treatment

1h 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Bio Magnetism Treatment

1h 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

The Works

This option includes Phyiso Realignment & Bio Magnetism Treatment.

2h 200,00 USD Zarezerwuj

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Holistic Medicine - Fernandez Physio
Holistic Medicine - Fernandez Physio

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  1. Claudio avatar

    Claudio R.

    I was recommended by a friend to Javier , Javier explain me a lot the stuff was bad on me from different point of view , I’m pain and discomfort free and is something pretty new to me , im really happy with my session 😊,

  2. Alex avatar

    Alex V.

    Always a great experience! Javier is very informative and spends quality time to truly help you feel better fast. I highly recommend him to all my family and friends!

  3. Ivan avatar

    Ivan S.

    Had an appointment with Patrick for my sister in law..wow unbelievable besides that fact that he straightened her up.i was amassed of how professional he is and verry detailed...once again guys thanks for great service you provide

  4. Vineet avatar

    Vineet T.

    Excellent service. Javier really knows what he is doing. I have had spinal fusion surgery to fix my scoliosis and have been coming here for a year now. Normally my hip is off by several inches but lately it has been off by only a half inch or so after coming in on a monthly basis to Javier. He puts me back together from the daily demands of life

  5. Mary avatar

    Mary M.

    Javier and Patrick spend their time with you. Always feel better afterwards, thanks guys!

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