HiddenPerfectionsllc @hidden__perfections Cosmetologist , MUA , Colorist , Naturalist. Serving The Baltimore Area !!!! $20 Traveling Fee ! DM For Appts .

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Travel Fee Mandatory

Travel Fee


5m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Body Piercings

When Booking Specify Piercing You Want

30m 15,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Adore Hair Color

30m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

HiddenPerfection Baskets

Order To Preorder

23h 55m 60,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

XPression Hair

Price Per Pack

5m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Hair Jewelry

20m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Make Up Services

Bridal Package

Includes Hair Style , && MakeUp (Lashes)

6h 55m 500,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Face With Lashes

Does Not Include Mink Lashes (StripsOnly)

45m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Face Without Lashes

40m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extension Fill

1h 40,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Mink Lash Application Classic Set

Classic Set ONLY

1h 30m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Mink Lash Application Royal Set

Royal Set

1h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Mink Lash Application Goddess Set

Goddess Set

30m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Lash Extensions (Strips)

1h 10m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Loc Service

Loc Instillation

3h 45m 300,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Loc Maintenance For Kids Under 12

Retwist ONLY

1h 30m 50,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Loc Extensions

Extensions (For Length)

2h 30m 150,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Loc Maintenance && Style

1h 30m 80,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Loc Maintenance

Retwist ONLY

1h 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Closure Quick Weave

2h 130,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Frontal Quick Weave

2h 15m 170,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Basic Sew In (LeaveOut)

1h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Closure Sew In

2h 55m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Frontal Sew In

3h 200,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Glue In (Weave)

Bob Styles

1h 30m 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Pixie Cut (27pieces)

1h 30m 90,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Lace Wig Install

4h 30m 250,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Braiding Services

Braids (Plaits)

If I Provide The Hair + $50

7h 30m 220,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

2 Layer Braids (Regular)

If I Provide The Hair + $45

3h 30m 175,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Senegalese Twist

Depending on the length , && part size . If I Provide The Hair + $$60

7h 30m 250,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

2 Layer Braids Feed Ins

4h 30m 200,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Faux Locs

5h 30m 120,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Goddess Faux Locs

Mid Back Length

10h 180,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Box Braids

Mid Shoulder Length

7h 30m 100,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Goddess Box Braids

Mid Shoulder Length

7h 30m 160,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Braided Ponytail

It’s A Sale ❗️FeedIns Are $10 Extra

2h 65,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Braids For Men

30m 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Kids Braids With Design

1h 20m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Feed-In Braids

3h 30m 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Natural Hair Services

Finger Waves

30m 40,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Roller Set

1h 30m 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Flat Iron W/O Wash

50m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Silk Press

1h 45m 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Hair Trim

30m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Hot Oil Treatment

30m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Short Cuts For Women


2h 30m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Custom Wigs

U Part Wig

4h 30m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Closure Wig Construction

4h 30m 180,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Frontal Wig Construction

4h 30m 275,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Waxing

15m 12,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Beard Treatments

Deep Condition && Oil Treatment

30m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Lip Waxing

30m 7,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Chin Waxing

5m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Beard Waxing

20m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Thigh Waxing

40m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Leg Waxing

45m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Bikini Waxing

35m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

SideBurn Waxing

1h 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Clipper Cuts

Razor Cut


45m 5,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Tampered Cuts For Women

1h 30m 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Facial (ClipperCut)

30m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Men's Haircut

35m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Chemical Service

Color Remove Application

1h 30m 50,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Color (Semi)

1h 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Color (Highlights)

1h 40m 50,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Perm Service With Style

45m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Perm Without Service

1h 45m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Glam Ponytail

Comes with hair jewelry and charms

1h 55m 85,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Sleek Ponytail

Hair Added For Length

1h 30m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Protective Styles

Blow Dry

45m 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj


2h 30m 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj

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Opinie klientów (6)

Booksy dba o rzetelność opinii, dlatego wszystkie oceny są wystawiane dopiero po skorzystaniu z usług biznesu Hidden_Perfections.

  1. Kita avatar

    Kita M.

    I was very impressed with the turnout of my hair and makeup for my date night with hubby . I felt relaxed and taken care of. Communication through booksy was easy and clear. Highly recommend Dont mind my dry face😂

  2. Kadijah avatar

    Kadijah H.

    This did not go as planned.... my style didn’t come out right, she cut my ear and I was bleeding and she kept burning my head with the flat irons..... this is someone that needs a lot more practice doing short cuts or 27 pieces These pics are what I asked for and what I got..... I still paid because I wanted to show a LITTLE support but I was not at all satisfied. I immediately washed my hair out.

  3. Lashaunda avatar

    Lashaunda W.

    She is so nice and sweet and did a great job on my frontal installation

  4. Shaquoria avatar

    Shaquoria J.

    She was polite, cool and understanding. I really liked the finishing product ☺️

  5. Angela avatar

    Angela G.

    I like the finished product. It was done in a decent amount of time.

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