Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio
Serenity Hair Studio

My name is Ariel, and I'm the business owner who runs Serenity Hair Studio, where I specialize in natural hair styling and coloring services. Before going into business for myself, I gained 15 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. And today, I love sharing my wealth of industry knowledge. Clients have brought their children into my chair, and I've carefully combed out the knots and tangles. I enjoying working with clients who have short hair, and I offer hair care treatment tips, so my customers can have optimal health. Book today!

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Color Services

Color Retouch (Gray)

1h 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Specialty Color (à la carte)

3h 99,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Basic Color (à la carte)

2h 30m 75,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Highlight Retouch (à la carte)

1h 30m 85,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj



1h 30m 55,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Deep Penetrating Conditioning Treatment

30m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Detox shampoo (for hair with heavy build up)

30m 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj


40m 30,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

End Trim(add on)

30m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj


30m 1,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Relaxed Hair Wash and curl

1h 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Pin curls (à le carte)

1h 35,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Chemical Services


2h 30m 70,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Perm (curly)

2h 30m 85,00 USD Zarezerwuj


2h 30m 85,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Natural Hair Services

Spiral set (perm rods)

2h 30m 65,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Natural Hair End Trim (with wash and blow dry)

1h 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Silk Press

1h 45m 55,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Basic One Step Protein Treatment

2h 30m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Natural hair cut (big chop)

1h 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Wash and Go w/ Intense deep condition and Cut

1h 30m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Two Strand Flat Twist

2h 30m 55,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj


2h 30m 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Hair Extension Services

Crochet (curly hair)

2h 30m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Custom Clip-Ins (hair included)

30m 80,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full sew in (closure)

2h 30m 165,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Crochet (Pre Braided Hair)

2h 30m 130,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Micro-bead extensions

3h 30m 275,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Braidless Extensions

3h 30m 285,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Sew in Traditional (leave out)

2h 30m 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Sew In Wash & Curl

1h 30m 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Sew In removal

30m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Unit install (with styling)

1h 30m 85,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Unit Install (no styling)

1h 10m 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Quick weave

30m 99,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Micro-bead removal

1h 15m 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

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Opinie klientów (12)

Booksy dba o rzetelność opinii, dlatego wszystkie oceny są wystawiane dopiero po skorzystaniu z usług biznesu Serenity Hair Studio.

  1. Jill avatar

    Jill S.

    Best stylist eve!!! In less than 12 hours had over 30 complaints!!!

  2. Dana avatar

    Dana B.

    I enjoyed my experience today at Serenity Hair Studio because Ariel is always friendly and professional. I love the way she styled my hair and I noticed it’s becoming longer. I highly recommend Ariel for her hair care services because she cares about ensuring her clients have healthy hair!

  3. Dana avatar

    Dana B.

    I received excellent service today at Ariel’s salon. I love the way she styled my hair and it looks amazing! I am very pleased with how much my hair grown within the past year. I highly recommend Ariel to anyone who has natural hair. She cares about taking care of her clients’ hair.

  4. Recquel avatar

    Recquel P.

    If you want some one to treat your hair with care, then this is the place to go. One of the best services in the New Tampa area.

  5. Navisa avatar

    Navisa C.

    Love it, my hair is actually straight and it’s soft!

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