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Blading BAE
8405 N Himes Ave, Suite 106, Tampa, 33614
20 opinii
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Blading BAE

8405 N Himes Ave, Suite 106, Tampa, 33614


    • Microblading

    • Ombré

    • Touch up


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Nisha O…

paź 28, 2020
Rob is very personable and very talented. He gave a lot of information about the procedure prior to us starting. He kept talking during the procedure so that way you didn't feel so nervous. I like that once Rob sketched out my eyebrows he made sure t...hat I liked it before he proceeded. Rob is professional and my brows look great. I cannot wait till the fully heal.

Ileana S…

paź 24, 2020
Such great service!!! I absolutely love my eyebrows! He is very detailed and wants to make sure his customers are satisfied....
Odpowiedź: paź 24, 2020
Blading BAE
Thank you!

Tarnim W…

paź 13, 2020
Beyond amazing service...
Odpowiedź: paź 24, 2020
Blading BAE
Thank you for coming in

Seadrinta F…

wrz 17, 2020
Was very nervous but he put my fears at ease. Very informative and a perfectionist to boot. Thank you sooooo much for an amazing job and I will definitely be back. Note: my daughter tried to talk me outta getting this done but as soon as she seen th...em, she was like “I wanna get mine done now”.......yesssssss😉

Tiana D…

sie 11, 2020
Rob is very professional and friendly. This artist is very talented! His work is definitely on point! And you will love your brows. 😊...
Odpowiedź: sie 11, 2020
Blading BAE
Thank you🙏🏾

Gifty G…

mar 7, 2020
Did a good job and very professional thanks...
Odpowiedź: mar 7, 2020
Blading BAE
Any time,see you soon

Yves L…

sty 26, 2020
It was my first time getting my brows microbladed so I was super nervous but after the artist explained the process thoroughly I was at eased. The process was smooth as the artist took his time and address all my concerns and aftercare process. My ey...ebrows looks great even though I’m still in the recovery process. So glad I did it with this artist and can’t wait to see the finishing look!

Emmy D…

lis 22, 2019
When I tell you, you need to go see this artist. This man is the boom, takes his time, explains everything to you, make you feel comfortable. One of the best salon experiences I have had in a long time....
Odpowiedź: lis 22, 2019
Blading BAE
Thank you, I appreciate you for choosing me as your artist

Rhodesia A…

maj 25, 2019
Very professional and took his time. Overall I’m pleased with the results and would say if you want microblading this is the guy to do it. I can’t say thank you enough....
Odpowiedź: maj 25, 2019
Blading BAE
Thank you so much,I’ll see you soon.

Nina M…

kwi 30, 2019
AMAZING! I went to Rob for a touch up, I had my eyebrows micro bladed previously by someone else. I wasn’t pleased with the first person who did my eyebrows, they were thin and uneven. After blading bae, my eyebrows are full and even! It was painless, I was in so much pain with the first person I went to. He explained the process in detail, he was professional, and he did a GREAT job! I will be coming back to him for my touch ups.
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
Come back again and I’ll keep in touch so I no how things are going.

Mook H…

kwi 29, 2019
Did a wonderful job on my eyebrows. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!!!...
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
Thank you,see you soon.

Shina L…

kwi 28, 2019
He is by far the best!!!!...His customer service is amazing and my eyebrows look so natural, I'm not going to anyone else....
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
Keep in touch and I’ll see you soon.

Jennifer D…

kwi 27, 2019
He was very nice. My eyebrows look so real. Will definitely be getting them touched up when it’s time. I will be recommending!!!!...

Nicha J…

kwi 24, 2019
i love my browssss so much ! customer service is really good ;) can’t wait to book again !!...

Nancy F…

kwi 24, 2019
I love my brows so much, my friends tell me how natural and fuller they look. Great service, will book again....

Bea S…

kwi 24, 2019
This was my first time doing this service and I can honestly say this went well then expected everything went by so smooth ladies and my results are phenomenal brows look so much fuller and thicker ... Love my brows Thanks...
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
You look fantastic,see you soon for your touch up!

Jessica J…

kwi 24, 2019
Customer service was excellent. This was my first time and I love my brows. I will definitely book again....
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
You was great, I’ll see you soon!

N Naikah E…

kwi 23, 2019
Thank you so much, my brows came out perfect definitely recommending you....
Odpowiedź: kwi 30, 2019
Blading BAE
Thank you,I would appreciate that a lot! See you for your touch up

Bianca J…

kwi 23, 2019
It was my first time getting microblading. It was a great experience and I would recommend him for sure!!...

Racquel C…

kwi 23, 2019
My eyebrows came out great! I’m so happy with the results ! I definitely recommend him! 😁...