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4915 poitier ct, Louisville, KY, 40218
46 opinii


4915 poitier ct, Louisville, KY, 40218


    • Deep Condition

    • Highlights/ Color


    • End Trim

    • Full Head Quickweave Installment

    • Small Leave Out QuickWeave Installment

    • Quickweave Maintenance

    • Leave Out Sew In Installment

    • Lace Closure Sew In Installment

    • Closure Maintenance

    • Frontal Install Sew In Installment

    • Frontal Maintenance

    • Wash N Set (flat iron)

    • Wash N Set (Short hair)

    • Invisible Ponytails

    • Silk Press/ Blowout

    • Buns & Bangs

    • Chemical Relaxer (Ends Trim/Treatment/Style)

    • Closure Maintenance

    • Closure Unit Installment

    • Quickweave With Closure

    • Costume Wig ( UNIT)

    • Frontal Unit Installment


    • Washing Machine /Dryer Unit

    • Permanent Hair Color

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46 opinii
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Alijah H…

mar 3, 2019
George is the ONLY stylist in the city I would let touch my hair. My hair is everything to me and he slays every time! I highly recommend if you trying to be bomb af.

Erica M…

mar 2, 2019
I am so upset right now. 1st let me say, the person I am talking about really know how to do some hair. So, I have went to this person over 5 times in the past year despite his disrespectful unprofessional ass. I called YESTERDAY and asked what i...

Shante S…

mar 2, 2019
Heeeeeee isssss awesome ‼️‼️

Donya W…

lut 23, 2019
Love my hair he slays

Samantha E…

lut 15, 2019
I will most definitely be booking with George again. He is amazing and I absolutely love my hair❤️

Shirley W…

lut 12, 2019
Never fails me!

Lisa G…

lut 10, 2019
He is really good! What I like the most is that he takes his time on your head! I will def be back!

Alysea R…

lut 9, 2019
He’s amazing! Love my hair and the experience 💕

Tiffany B…

lut 9, 2019
Thank you oh so much for slaying my hair again!!!💕

Cyauni L…

lut 7, 2019
Bomb . Period

Jala y…

sty 26, 2019
Not only was he very fast, but it came out sooooo cute. It’s a difference between rushing just to get the job done and being quick cause that what you do. He’s really the dopest there is to do it! I will be back .. thank you George you the shit fr...

Ivory J…

sty 22, 2019
My service was great and I love my hair 🥰🔥💯

Charly J…

sty 19, 2019
Amazing 😍 Everytime!!!!

Vanika A…

sty 19, 2019
He always does a phenomenal job!

Niya B…

sty 11, 2019
love it, definitely returning soon.

Shannon P…

sty 5, 2019
I really like how my kid hair looks. I guess this day he was overbooked. This is a Ghetto Stylist with great work. If you can deal with all the things that happens in the ghetto this is the stylist for you. * Work on your Customer Service skills...
Odpowiedź: sty 7, 2019
I read the review and let me share something with you I'm a kind out going type guy yea I dance and yes me and my clients talk laugh and everything Actually getting to know the person so you could actually build a relationship with them you on the other hand is just pissed off because you didn't book your tire appointment in time and plus on top of that You decided to come on a Saturday The day everyone was trying to get their hair done I don't overbook at all it's up to my people if they come on time or not and if and if they don't come on time my whole day could be off I do a lot of work my ass off from 7.... til dust and for someone who doesn't even set appointment like that should is a mess and your mad because she walked in at 1:30 and she got started at 2:15 ON A SATURDAY your pissed coming to someone like me??????? Please miss me and your BABY GIRL HAD WONDERFUL SERVICE PERIOD AND BLOW OUT WAS SWINGING AND Honestly you got a deal she got her ends trimmed and a deep conditioner off the back of me and only pay $50 so please be courteous and double think before coming at someone like that god bless me with a job where I can be myself and express myself and it might not be good for you but trust me plenty of people love my presence gift and my attitude so you keep that negative stuf over there Ms Lady KYKINGG DONT NEED IT 🙏🏽 #2fingers1god

Rashanae S…

gru 30, 2018

Daisha C…

gru 20, 2018
Love my hair ❤️

Lakeshia W…

gru 7, 2018
LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE any hair per usual.

April H…

gru 5, 2018
Very professional slayed my hair thanks
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