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Waxaholic LLC
6327 N Andrews Ave,, 23, Fort Lauderdale, 33309
96 opinii

Waxaholic LLC

6327 N Andrews Ave,, 23, Fort Lauderdale, 33309


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96 opinii
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Venessa R…

mar 17, 2020
Came here after going to the same brow place for many years and I regret nothing!! My brows came out amazing! Honestly the best they’ve ever looked! Safe to say I’m a Waxaholic now (-:

Jennifer R…

mar 14, 2020
I’ve been getting my eyebrows done by the same person for the past 10 years but didn’t like how they’ve been coming out recently, so despite the fact that I was very nervous, I decided that it was time to try someone new and went to Olga. I couldn...

Katelyn A…

mar 11, 2020
First time getting a bikini wax and it wasn’t all that bad! Olga really made me feel comfortable and talked me through it. Gave me some pointers on exfoliating/moisturizing *down there.* The space was clean *important* and easy to find and I defin...

Elena M…

mar 10, 2020
Love the way set up, location very convenient and she’s amazing 😉

Kelsi S…

mar 10, 2020
Olga is so sweet and personable. She is super skilled in her craft and made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Her studio is super clean and I took note of the fact that she properly sterilized every tool she used. As in added bonus, the wa...

Alice O…

mar 10, 2020
Loved my first visit! Olga was very informative on the different services offered. Space is very clean. Love my brows now… thank you!!

Geselle K…

mar 8, 2020
Best Brazilian waxing experience start to finish! Olga is cleanly, makes you feel comfortable and knows how to remove the hair in the least painful way, which is precisely why I keep coming back. She’s a professional and I highly recommend for all...
Odpowiedź: mar 9, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
You’re incredible! Thank you for your feedback, it’s so appreciated. You make my job a lot easier being that you’re one tough woman✨

Steph L…

mar 5, 2020
Absolutely amazing! My eyebrows always come out perfect. Olga makes it quick and painless. Great experience every time!
Odpowiedź: mar 9, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
So glad you found me! Loving having you and the kids over :) always a pleasure

Emily G…

lut 28, 2020
Amazing ! Always happy with my services. Olga is extremely detailed and I appreciate this so much. I am very particular with my brows and i love how she takes her time and listens to what I have to say as to how I like them done. She’s great and m...

Natalie B…

lut 28, 2020
Olga was super friendly and made things as comfortable as possible, I let her do her thing on my eyebrows and they came out amazing! loving them.

Gabriel R…

lut 26, 2020
Olga is the best!

Jenny L…

lut 22, 2020
Great experience with my lash lift and tint! Loved how my lashes came out.
Odpowiedź: lut 22, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
You’re so sweet! Thank you! Such a pleasure meeting you :)

Racquel T…

lut 18, 2020
Olga was very professional and easy to talk to. She made me feel comfortable by discussing how i wanted my eyebrows with me prior to starting. My eyebrows came out perfect and I will definitely be back.
Odpowiedź: lut 18, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
Always have to consult! I want to make sure I listen to everyone’s concerns before beginning. I try to be as transparent as possible so you can be comfortable 🙂 so happy you came in girl. Nice meeting you and I’ll see you next time!

Shannon W…

lut 16, 2020
Olga is amazing!!! This is the best my brows have ever looked! Everyone at work was saying how good they looked!
Odpowiedź: lut 18, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
Haha that’s the best!! When everyone else notices the change as well! Thank you so so much for coming in 😍

Ingrid S…

lut 15, 2020
Olga is A M A Z I N G💕 I felt like I knew her for yrs 😂☺️!! I found my eyebrow person 🙌🏻. It was my first time going to her and I had a wonderful experience, she’s friendly, she makes you feel comfortable..she’s thee best I swear. I cannot wait to c...
Odpowiedź: lut 15, 2020
Waxaholic LLC
I thought the same! Literally like catching up with an old friend. Thank you so much for finding me and trusting me with your beauty services. 🤗

Patricia H…

lut 14, 2020
Olga is the best! great energy and great service! my brows look bomb!

Lashaun C…

lut 13, 2020
I FREAKING LOVE HER!!! OLGA IS THE BEST!! She saves my eyebrows. Thank you so much 💗

Casey O…

lut 12, 2020
Olga did a wonderful job as always!! She knocks every service out of the park, but for my ladies who get brazilians or are maybe looking to get waxed for the first time, there is no better place to go. She provides such a welcoming and relaxing en...

Theologia K…

lut 6, 2020
Olga did an awesome job on my eyebrows. Thank you!!

Annalese D…

lut 6, 2020
honestly homegirl hooked me up!! i went form having unarched and uneven brows to my dream brows 😍 the best part was she made me feel comfortable and always kept up conversation
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