Exquisite Nailz By Carmen

Hi my name is Carmen. I've been doing nails for 16yrs. I specialize in Acrylic, Gels, freestyles and more!

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Hard Gels

Full Set Sculptured

30m 40,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Full Set w/ Tips

1h 30m 40,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Ombre Full Set

1h 45m 50,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Hard Gel Fill-In w/ Tips

1h 30m 30,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Hard Gel Fill-in

1h 30,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Ombre Fill-In

1h 25m 40,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj
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Fill-in w/ Tips

45m 25,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Ombre Full Set

1h 45m 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Full Set w/ Tips

1h 30m 35,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Full Set Sculptured

1h 45m 45,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Encapsulated Multi-color Acrylic Full Set

2h 55,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Ombre Fill-in

1h 25m 30,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Full Set Acrylic nails

1h 45m 35,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj
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Add On's


40m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Toe Nail Polish Change

20m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Reshaping (Stiletto, almond,coffin)

20m 5,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Soak off

30m 10,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Pixie Nail

10m 6,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Polish/Gel Polish Change

15m 10,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Fancy Stone Nail Design

15m 5,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Full Bling Nail

20m 12,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Partial Nail Swarovski Stones

20m 6,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Freestyle Nail Art

15m 3,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

3-D Nail Art

10 minutes per nail

10m 5,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Cut Down

5m 3,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj
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Saturday Special

Pinky Special -Riverview location

Full set with tips. Any shape any length. Pink acrylic with gel top coat.

1h 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Ombre Special- Riverview location

Full set with Tip. Any length, any shape, pick your 2 colors, gel top coat.

1h 20m 40,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Student Special - Riverview Location

Full set. Any shape, any 1 color acrylic, any 1 color gel polish, top coat.

1h 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

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Opinie klientów (3)

Booksy dba o rzetelność opinii, dlatego wszystkie oceny są wystawiane dopiero po skorzystaniu z usług biznesu Exquisite Nailz By Carmen.

  1. Cheyenne avatar

    Cheyenne O.

    Love my nails. Carmen always does a great job!

  2. Crissy avatar

    Crissy W.

    I always love my “Plain Jane” set with fufu pink acrylic. It’s my signature look that gets me endless compliments! #classic

  3. Ongela avatar

    Ongela H.

    Carmen did a great job on my non existent nails. She is meticulous about her work and how you feel about your nails. As a reformed nail biter, my nails are still beautiful (3 weeks in) and all accounted for.

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