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Chris Precision Cutz
2557 Baker Rd, A 101, Acworth, 30101
20 opinii

Chris Precision Cutz

2557 Baker Rd, A 101, Acworth, 30101



    • 12 & under (ALL EVEN CUTS)

      Hair is cut evenly all the way around the head.
      $ 10.00



      (Any style cut), shampooed & conditioned + razored + face sc...
      $ 60.00+

  • MEN & Women 18+

    • Cuts 18+ (with beard)

      Any style cut, razored topic included
      $ 30.00+
    • Cuts 18+ (WITHOUT BEARD)

      Any style cut, razored & topic included
      $ 25.00
    • Line Up (with beard)

      Lined up around head & around beard! razored & topic include...
      $ 18.00
    • Line up (WITHOUT BEARD)

      Line up around the head
      $ 14.00
    • Line Up (beard only)

      Line up beard/face only.
      $ 14.00

  • 18 & UNDER

    • Young Men & Women 13-17

      Regular Cut razored & topic included
      $ 25.00

  • KIDS

    • 12 & Under

      Regular Haircut razored topic (NOT INCLUDED) (Shampoo & Desi...
      $ 20.00
    • Line Up (kids)

      $ 12.00



      $ 10.00


    • Lines

      $ 3.00
    • Designs

      $ 8.00+

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20 opinii
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Caleb T…

lis 23, 2019
Im not sure if this guy was just having a bad day or just not paying attention, but he definetly ruined my week after this cut. I gave him specific instructions as to how my hair should be cut. He did not follow them at all. I even gave him a refr...
Odpowiedź: gru 3, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz
1. You gave me a referenced cut from a pic out your photos that wasn’t even a good pic, you could go by. 2. You ain’t have no gaps in your hair or line. 3. I don’t push (no hair line back) because I use a pastel pencil to draw in guidelines to stay within before I even start cutting hair. 4. You came in with (no front hairline anyway)! 5. You wanted hairline be blackened with topic at the end of your cut which looks fake as hell! ***•6. The only thing that is possibly correct, is that you might of had red lines because my liners are sharp, and that’s in me!!!•*** But if you want I will send you to get your hair cut and pay for it, by somebody who is well know through out kennesaw, ga and ATL as a barber and ima see what he do! But don’t post no review on my page if you ain’t gonna speak the truth, about your cut and what you wanted!!!

Nicholas R…

wrz 8, 2019
Great cut, took his time and delivered an excellent service. He doesn’t rush you and the prices are great for what you get. Not your average barber or haircut. I will definitely be back.

Nathan R…

sie 5, 2019
Chris did an amazing job with my haircut! I’ve been going to him for sometime now and not once have I left the chair unhappy. Chris really takes the barber experience to another level, he is very attentive to detail and makes sure that you are get...
Odpowiedź: sie 14, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz
I appreciate the positive words and hope to see you again soon.

Jerod C…

lis 1, 2019
let’s just say he lives up to the name, PRECISION! great service!

Dominic B…

lis 1, 2019
I come every week! He gets my head looking right! 😏

Noel H…

paź 18, 2019
Persistent , paid close attention to detail , and generous 💯🐐
Odpowiedź: paź 18, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz

Mike C…

wrz 23, 2019
Had a great cut from Chris on two occasions. I'll definitely be back. He'll take the time and work with you to get you the look you want.

Chris H…

wrz 28, 2019
The man on point. Best barber I’ve had so far

Jerry D…

wrz 14, 2019
Chris did a fantastic job...especially with the beard! Definitely highly recommend you visit this guy!

Anthony Z…

wrz 17, 2019
Took his time. No rush and left looking extra clean. Mad props

Lamar B…

sie 16, 2019
My 2 Son’s have a new home with Chris for years to come I’ve never seen my boys haircut look so good clean neat detailed Chris a amazing barber if you wanna look fresh by the head go stop by and see my man Chris I promise he got you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odpowiedź: wrz 4, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz
Thank you

Ace M…

wrz 21, 2019
Excellent haircut

Osei A…

wrz 21, 2019
Love the cut!

Isaiah W…

wrz 3, 2019
This has been my barber for years now! Only guy I can find to cut the “Juice” and do it right.

Alim W…

wrz 15, 2019
Boy nice

Terrell M…

wrz 7, 2019
Best barber in Kennesaw

Wes D…

sie 14, 2019
Chris was patience with my son who is 5 and took his time giving him a amazing haircut. Lining is crisp and fade job is on point. Definitely recommend
Odpowiedź: sie 14, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz
Thank you, I am glad you left satisfied with everything...and hope to see you all again soon.

Carson D…

sie 30, 2019
Bro will get you right! Really underrated.

Osei A…

sie 30, 2019
Dope barber, loved my haircut.

Christopher A…

sie 19, 2019
Best barber in ATL!
Odpowiedź: wrz 4, 2019
Chris Precision Cutz
Thx bosss