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Golden Apple Day Spa
11703 Huebner Road # 202, Suite 18 And 20, San Antonio, 78230
36 opinii

Golden Apple Day Spa

11703 Huebner Road # 202, Suite 18 And 20, San Antonio, 78230
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    • Happy Hour Signature Massage

      Wednesday and Thursday 3 to 7 enjoy your choice between any of our signature 50min massages.
    • September special

      farmaesthetics products are used for a blissful customized pampering for your face allowing you to relax and e...

  • Classic Massage Services

  • Signature Massage Services

  • Advanced and Therapeutic Massage Services

  • Sticks and Stones

    • Bamboo Massage

      Starting with a gentle rhythmic tapotement along the back. Infused lime and bamboo oil drizzled along the spin...
    • Cooling Stone Massage

      Perfect for the Texas heat slightly cooled marble and Jade Stones are used with Aloe and Shea oil to soothe yo...
    • 75 min Hot Stone Massage

      Make your massage more deeply rewarding with warmed river rocks. You’ll feel their soothing warmth seep into y...

  • Candle Ritual Massage

  • Retreats

  • Gifts of the Garden

  • 25 min. Mini treats

  • Face treatments

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36 opinii
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Kalay W…

wrz 17, 2020
Very friendly, accommodating, professional, and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable for my first time. I will be a repeat client.
Odpowiedź: wrz 17, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you so much i look forward to seeing you soon😁

Marcella M…

wrz 10, 2020
I had an AWESOME experience. I was so pleased with my visit that I wanted to come back the next day! I will be coming back to see Turner. Thank you, thank you for such a relaxing and long overdue treatment.
Odpowiedź: wrz 10, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you so much I'm happy you had an awesome experience 😊 i look forward to your next visit

Anne H…

sie 25, 2020
Turner is absolutely excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and will definitely be back for more!!
Odpowiedź: wrz 10, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
why thank you so much. i can't wait to have you back in

Megan S…

sie 24, 2020
Had a wonderful experience with Turner. Will definitely book again!
Odpowiedź: sie 24, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
i am looking forward to it

Amy L…

sie 19, 2020
Best massage ever! Turner’s level of service and skills are unmatched. I will be coming back and referring everyone I know to him. Thank you! 💗
Odpowiedź: sie 19, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
well thank you so much have a wonderful rest of your day

Marianne S…

sie 12, 2020
Odpowiedź: sie 12, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you

Jackie U…

lip 10, 2020
Turner was extremely nice! This was a gift for my wife and she said she absolutely loved it! She will definitely be booking again!
Odpowiedź: lip 10, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you so much

Angela G…

cze 15, 2020
Clean and comfortable setting and Turner did a wonderful job of making me relax and doze off :) He applied the perfect pressure and I felt Great after ,looking forward to another session, would highly recommend!

Lee C…

cze 10, 2020
One of the most professional and well maintained spas I’ve seen anywhere. Great aesthetic and great selection of services. I was very impressed and will be back.

trisha s…

maj 17, 2020
Great massage. I can have angry hamstrings and this is the best remedy. Thanks!!

Vince M…

maj 14, 2020
I'm so happy to have found an excellent massage therapist. Turner is AWESOME!! i saw him yesterday for a massage he used lemon and hibiscus with warm oil and wax, and my body and back feel great! Thank YOU Turner you're the BEST!
Odpowiedź: maj 14, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you

trisha s…

mar 14, 2020
Very comfortable table, friendly greeting, room super clean and inviting, thorough explanation of treatment and products
Odpowiedź: mar 14, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you

Daniel S…

mar 13, 2020
Pure heaven!!!!! Felt so relaxed afterwards. Would recommend to anyone who just wants a moment of peace and relaxation.
Odpowiedź: mar 14, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
im glad you enjoyed it

Marcie M…

mar 6, 2020
I was in so much pain with neck and now i am relaxed and can feel relief. The massage was amazing and the fact I can tell him where it hurts and massage the pain away!

Debra D…

mar 5, 2020
This was an awesome experience. It is a lovely setting. J Turner Price took care of all my issues and I left feeling very relaxed. I'll be back!
Odpowiedź: mar 5, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank though so much have an amazing day

Turner P…

lut 28, 2020
Thank you so much Kelly my right arm can move once more

Lisa T…

lut 22, 2020
Turner was an absolute professional! I received a facial and my face feels amazing. He was attentive and made sure my needs were met. He gave advice for my problem areas and provided samples to try before I spend extra money on them. I highly reco...
Odpowiedź: lut 22, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you so much for your visit i can't wait to see how everything works for you

Ann O…

lut 20, 2020
What a wonderful facial to treat myself! Highly recommend seeing Turner. It was much needed for this tired momma! My eyes are brighter and my face is smooth! Can’t wait to go back.
Odpowiedź: lut 20, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
im so happy i got to see you thank you for marking me be part of your day

Justin R…

lut 19, 2020
Amazing experience! I felt understood, not rushed and cared for. I highly suggest.
Odpowiedź: lut 19, 2020
Golden Apple Day Spa
thank you so much

Ken W…

lut 12, 2020
Great job. Thank you I feel much younger.
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