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Fred Da Barber
1029 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, 70113
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Fred Da Barber

1029 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans, 70113
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    • Facial and Ingrown Hair Extraction

      Pore Cleanser, Hot Towel, Tweezer Irritating Hairs, Soothing Cream and Cool Towel

  • Men Services

    • Men’s Razor Shave & Hot Towel

      Some Seduction Oil would be applied with a Hot Towel afterwards to Soften the Hair followed by the Shaving and Razor 🪒 with a Hot and Cold Towel to close the Pores with Disappearing Cream.
    • Men’s Haircut with Beard

      Sculptured Haircut of your Choice with Shears Clippers and Razor Lining. (With Beard)
    • Men’s Haircut

      Sculptured Haircut of your Choice with Shears Clippers and Razor. (Without Beard)
    • Men’s Shear Trim Lining & Beard

      Just Shears a Lining and Beard Trim with Razor.
    • Men’s Beard Lining & Shear Trim

      Pick out and Taper top of Beard Razor Lining and Shape Beard with Shears.
    • Men’s Lining and Shave

      Lining with Trimmers and Razor with Facial Shave with Trimmers
    • Men’s Shampoo and Conditioner

      Scalp and Hair Clean Thoroughly from the Roots of the Scalp to the Ends of the Hair.

  • Women Services

    • Women’s Haircut

      Sculptured Haircut of your Choice with Clippers and Shears.
    • Women’s Shampoo and Conditioner

      Scalp and Hair Clean Thoroughly from the Roots of the Scalp to the Ends of the Hair
    • Women’s Eyebrow Arch

      Sculptured with razor and Delicate Touch

  • Kid's Services

    • Kid’s Haircut (16 years and younger)

      Sculptured Haircut of your Choice. Anything Extra is a Additional $5 dollars
    • Kid’s Lining (16 years and younger)

      Just Trimmers and Lining

  • Senior Citizen Services

    • Senior Citizens Haircut (60 years and older)

      Sculptured Haircut of your Choice.

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85 opinii
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Terrick W…

gru 29, 2020
Above & Beyond Service...

Taris G…

gru 24, 2020
Great service!! If you looking for a barber , look no further .. Super Elite......

Kristian R…

gru 24, 2020
HIGHLY recommend Fred’s services! He takes his time styling you with detail in a very welcoming environment. DEFINITELY going back!...

Corey M…

gru 5, 2020
His timing was on point service was awesome great vibe I’m most definitely going back 💯...

Kevin M…

gru 3, 2020
Great experience, welcoming environment. Fred was very professional, attentive to my vision and worked with me adding their expertise to ensure my beard was styled to perfection. I do recommend and will definitely book again. It looks like I've found... myself a barber/stylist. Thank you!!

Chris B…

lis 25, 2020
Fred is always on time with his appointments. Each cut is even better than the last! Highly recommend....

Joshua D…

lis 17, 2020
Fred greeted me by name as soon as I walked in. I got right in the chair, no waiting. Because of how personable he is, we had a great conversation the entire time he cut my hair. He was extremely professional and made sure I got the haircut I wanted.... A 10/10, I will definitely be back.

Uptown F…

lis 12, 2020
Always professional with great vibes 💯...


lis 11, 2020
Mr. Mike says . . . I received my best cuts from Fred. He pays attention to the details. I am oten complemented on my hair cuts and asked who does it....

Roland K…

paź 24, 2020
Excellent barber, always professional!...

Corey T B…

paź 24, 2020
Professionalism at its finest...

Ciara D…

paź 17, 2020
Very professional and highly skilled. I had a great overall experience....

Shamalon J…

paź 16, 2020
Nice shop. Great environment. Fred was very professional and personable. Very clean covid protocols in place: he cleaned all his equipment after each use. It was definitely a great experience for appointment style cuts....

Mario M…

paź 13, 2020
Sharp’s cut in town!...

Angie R…

paź 1, 2020
Fred area is clean & neat.Fred is very passionate about cutting hair.My son hair cuts are always on point.I’ve tried barbershops closer to us but my son complained each time.With that being said we take the 40 minutes road to Freddabarber for his hai...rcut...

Ashley R D…

wrz 12, 2020
My son always loves his hair cuts. Not to mention, he thinks Mr. Fred is super cool!...

Theo S…

wrz 6, 2020
Extremely professional, clean and honestly I felt like a better person when I left the shop! Fred is a dying breed of the old school barber! I waited to get a haircut from him since quarantine started and it was worth it.........

Marcus C…

wrz 5, 2020
Very Professional and outstanding guy!!...

Dennie B…

wrz 5, 2020
Top tier experience, good environment, great music, unparalleled service do not disrespect your hair by going anywhere else....

Isael L…

sie 28, 2020
Best barber in town! Super friendly down to earth guy! Keeps your haircut process interesting instead of being quiet and boring! Super cool dude! Loved the cut! Thanks bro!...
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