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Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio
Beauty Art Studio

Six days a week, I proudly welcome Fair Oaks area residents into Beauty Art Studio. My name is Olga, and I run this tranquil space with the help of Mariana. We're a small but supportive team of trained estheticians, who provide a host of beauty and wellness services from our quaint location on California Avenue. Clients come to us for classic, deluxe spa, and French manicures or pedicures. We also specialize in gel, nail designs, and nail repairs. And our loyal customers also request massages, microblading, lashes, facials, waxing, and makeup application—we’re a one stop shop for all things beautiful.

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Manicure Classic

1h 25,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Manicure (Gel polish)

1h 30m 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj


1h 45m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Pedicure Classic

1h 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Pedicure (Gel polish)

1h 30m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

DELUXE SPA PEDICURE ( regular polish )

2h 50,00 USD Zarezerwuj

DELUXE SPA PEDICURE ( gel polish )

2h 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

French Manicure (Gel Polish)

1h 45m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

French Pedicure (Regular Polish)

1h 30m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

French Pedicure (Gel Polish)

2h 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj

FIXING Nails per one nail

15m 6,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Nail Design (2 fingers)

20m 5,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Gel Nails - (Full Set)

2h 30m 60,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

Gel Nails - (FILL)

2h 15m 50,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj


Swedish Massage

1h 30m 90,00 USD Zarezerwuj
1h 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj
30m 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Package of 10 sessions

1h 399,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Package of 5 sessions

1h 225,00 USD Zarezerwuj



2h 30m 250,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Touch Up (one month)

1h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj


Classic Lashes Full Set

3h 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Two weeks ReLash ( Classic )

2h 60,00 USD+ Zarezerwuj

3 Weeks ReLash (Classic)

2h 30m 80,00 USD Zarezerwuj

2D-3D Volume Full Set

3h 120,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Two Weeks ReLash (2-3d Volume)

2h 30m 80,00 USD Zarezerwuj

3 Weeks ReLash (2-3d Volume)

2h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

5D+ Mega Volume Full Set

3h 150,00 USD Zarezerwuj
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Express Facial

30m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Signature Facial Treatment

1h 15m 70,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Peeling Treatment

1h 80,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Regenerate Nano Facial

1h 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Peeling Treatment (Series of 6 sessions)

1h 420,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Back Facial

45m 65,00 USD Zarezerwuj


1h 30m 100,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Skin Analyzing

40m 40,00 USD Zarezerwuj
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20m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Upper Lip

10m 10,00 USD Zarezerwuj


10m 15,00 USD Zarezerwuj

1/2 Arms

20m 20,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Arms

30m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Lower Legs

30m 35,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Legs

40m 70,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Half Back

30m 30,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Full Back

40m 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj


30m 45,00 USD Zarezerwuj


40m 85,00 USD Zarezerwuj
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Bridal Makeup

1h 30m 95,00 USD Zarezerwuj

Trial Makeup

1h 55,00 USD Zarezerwuj


1h 70,00 USD Zarezerwuj


1h 60,00 USD Zarezerwuj

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Opinie klientów (6)

Booksy dba o rzetelność opinii, dlatego wszystkie oceny są wystawiane dopiero po skorzystaniu z usług biznesu Beauty Art Studio.

  1. Olga avatar

    Olga G.

    Helena thank you very much for a great job... my nails look's awesome...

  2. Alina avatar

    Alina T.

    Love my nails. Thank you

  3. Irina avatar

    Irina A.

    Olga does a wonderful job with every detail of my gel manicure. Her work seems to last me over 5 weeks. No obvious chips. She even helps me pick awesome seasonal colors to try =)

  4. Alexandra avatar

    Alexandra D.

    I like this place, very great and excellent service!! Olya you the best!!!!

  5. Doina avatar

    Doina B.

    Olga does her job very well. She is always professional and nice with her customers. Highly recommend!!!

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