Gel nails

Gel Nails in Kentucky (2)

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  • BeyondAverage NailStudio

    834 Porter Pl, Lexington, 40508

    Gel Nails Over (Natural Nails)

    Includes a dry manicure over natural nails (NO TIPS) with gel polish

    Gel Nails Fill In (Natural Nails)

    A hard gel fill in including a dry manicure with gel polish over natural nails

    Polish Change (NotGEL)

    Change of regular polish
  • Nailing It By Kiki

    3276 Commerce Center Pl, Louisville, 40211

    Polygel nails

    Are you extremely rough on your nails? Constantly in water? Let's try something new! Poly gel is essentially t...he lovechild of Acrylic and gel, combining both good qualities and leaving out the bad. Polygel can be applied as an overlay on your natural nails or as a nail enhancement. It is cured under a UV or LED light but it is lighter than both acrylic and gel nails. It also has a lighter fragrance, which can be great for people who don't like the smell of monomer from the acrylics. In terms of removing polygel nails are buffed off rather than soaked off. And just like acrylic and gel polish poly gel comes in many colors!

    Express manicure

    The Express mani will provide that perfect shape and length just for you. Removing the cuticle. Your choice of... lacquer color!

    Signature Manicure

    The Signature manicure will provide that perfect shape and length just for you, while removing those crazy cut...icles. Following with a kick of moisture from your fave sugar scrub, removing the dead skin. Polishing the skin with a drink of handmade body butter. With your choice of a lacquer color.