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    4.4 mi 1807 s commerce, Ardmore, 73401

    Bride makeup and hair without extensions


    Hair consultation

    Hi! I am Tiffany and I specialize in hand tide hair extensions, foilayage, balayage, sombres, and colormelts. ...Choosing your hair artist is very important and that’s why I require a consultation. I am so excited you have chosen to have a consultation with me, which means you have already checked out my work and like my style! I pride myself in being able to break down a picture to get you towards your hair goals and what you have been wanting! However when breaking down a picture, these looks are created by steps, depending on the condition of your hair and the chemical history your hair has been through will determine if we can get you the picture you are wanting. So book a consultation with me today and let’s meet to see if I’m the hair artist for you, And we will get started on creating your look!

    Women’s Haircut and blowout

    Some people have fine hair. Some people have thick hair. But while styling and cutting those two different hai...r textures may require different appointment lengths, this does not dictate the price, it is all hair equality. And I use different skill sets for each individual. I never charge different prices based on hair type. Although some haircuts take me 20 minutes and [others take] over an hour, I charge the same amount.