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  • Ayrus with the Dreads

    17672 Welch Plz, Omaha, NE, 68135

    Must Read Before Booking

    SANITATION- Detox treatment may be mandatory for first time clients with mature locs. Recommended every 6 mont...hs for all existing clients with mature locs or any client with build-up in their locs. Service provider does not service clients with any contagious diseases, parasites, or infections. Client is responsible to reimburse service provider for all infected equipment/items. PAYMENTS/CANCELLATIONS- Deposits are non-refundable. Clients are allowed a one-time courtesy reschedule with existing deposit. All prospective/current clients must have an active debit/credit card on file via the “Booksy” booking interface. Cancellations must be made according to cancellation policy, otherwise client is subject to cancellation fee. No-call, no-shows will result in cancellation fee of 100% of the service cost to be charged to the card on file automatically. All balances must be paid prior to booking another service. Clients are expected to maintain 100% compliance with all instructions divulged via consultations (namely: chemical and extension services). Clients can view a full comprehensive list of announcements via Instagram (@ayruswiththedreads). CHILDREN- Currently, service provider is not servicing minors (some exceptions may apply). LATE FEES- Clients are allowed a 15 minute grace period before they are charged a late fee. Cost of late fee may vary depending on severity. PHOTOGRAPHY- The service provider may choose to take videos and or photos of the client's hair, head, or scalp area for marketing purposes. You agree that you will allow and give full consent to allowing the service provider to use these pictures for marketing purposes. PRICES: Clients agree to pay full costs of services. Prices posted are approximations which vary depending on various factors. For an exact price, please schedule a consultation for your intended service. MISC- Clients may be charged a fee or asked to leave if exhibiting socially unacceptable behavior such as being loud, unruly, racist, homophobic, sexist, elitist, etc. Clients may even be permanently fired for exhibiting insensitive behavior. Same day appointments must be approved by the service provider.


    IMPORTANT: Ayrus With the Dreads will not be servicing the Los Angeles area during the month of February due t...o the unexpected clime in Covid cases. We’re sorry we can’t be there sooner! We look forward to servicing all of our wonderful Los Angeles clients as soon as it’s safe for everyone. Arrangements are being made to service Los Angeles in preparation for the coming months. Stay tuned! COVID-19 update: Hello everyone, as the CDC continues to make announcements and updates regarding this pandemic, please understand that we are closely monitoring all trusted public officials regarding this issue. Please rest assured that per usual, we follow ALL universal precautions in accordance with all health, safety and sanitation codes per the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology regarding infection control and procedures. Appointments may be running up to 2 hours behind schedule. By booking, you agree to this policy! All appointments will continue uninterrupted for the remainder of the month unless otherwise specified, if you do not have an instagram, NOW would be the time to make one to follow all updates posted regarding your upcoming services with me. Instagram: @ayruswiththedreads Thank you and be safe and sanitary.

    Retwist Dematting (Full Head)

    This service is for clients that show signs of locs matting together that need to be pulled apart. 3 hour dura...tion is generally for clients whom have gone more than 3 months without professional maintenance. 4 hour duration is generally for clients whom have gone more than 6 months without professional maintenance (exact times may vary). The service includes: a full service shampoo, peppermint scalp massage, condition, grid repair, retwist, and moisturizer. By booking this service, you acknowledge that you have agreed to and have completely read the policy section and the updates section.
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