I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio
I.V's Beauty Studio

I.V's Beauty Studio is the name of the private getaway that I created, which gives me the opportunity to express my passion for the beauty and wellness industry. During sessions with my clients, I highlight their unique facial features and showcase their inner beauty. I have created a list of customized services and treatments, such as the Rose Stem Facial or the Lavender Spa Pedicure. Mani-pedis, microblading, facials, brow tinting, chemical peels, polish, and waxing are all available.

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Eyebrows Microblading tattoo

Micro incisions are manually made in the form of strokes to appear as natural eyebrow hairs, it’s an extremely meticulous process that takes around two hours to complete. The results will last for up to four weeks before lightly fading . A Second refill it’s recommended after four weeks and a retouch between 12 to 18 months is recommended.

2h US$ 115,00 Reservar agora

Eyebrow Microblading Reshape

1h 5m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

Facial and lashes combo

2h US$ 70,00 Reservar agora

Extreme Lashes Full Set

This is an individual lash extensions glued to one natural lash then I return and fill them with clusters of 3-D lashes and 6D lashes to give an extreme look .

1h 30m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

Eyelash Ext Full Set

Individual Lash extensions are glued to one of your natural lashes according to the length of your desire

1h 30m US$ 48,00 Reservar agora

Eyelash Refill 2nd week

Depending on your last visit this is considered a second fill regardless if a full fill is needed.

1h 20m US$ 27,00 Reservar agora

Eyelash Refill 3rd week

Depending on your last visit this is considered a 3 week fill regardless if a full fill is needed price is still $35

1h 25m US$ 37,00 Reservar agora

Brow waxing

15m US$ 7,00 Reservar agora

Eyebrow Shaping brow waxing, trim,and tint .

Brows are waxed, trimmed and tinted depending on your choice of tint color and are brushed with a control gel

15m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Brow tint

10m US$ 7,00 Reservar agora

Rose Stem Facial

This experience includes the essential rose stem mask and exfoliating rose petals scrub ,deep cleansing with a rose cleanser, extractions if needed, hydration with a gentle steamer, balanced with rose water to create quick yet stunning results.

1h US$ 38,00 Reservar agora

Glycolic Acid Peel Facial

45m US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Signature Facial for Aging skin

This includes a lymphatic drainage, warm steam to detox and balance the skin deep cleansing hydration mask a relaxing facial and décolletéAnd his scalp massage for wonderful results

1h 10m US$ 47,00 Reservar agora

Spa Facial Multivitamin Acid Peel

Relaxing spa steam to help open pores aid in deep cleansing, customized deep yet general cleanings according to skin type and conditions, exfoliation with charcoal and a multivitamin acid peel that will help breakdown dull dead skin result in satiny smooth skin. A multi mineral mud mask and a hydrating mask finished with a gentle scalp,neck,and shoulder massage!

1h 10m US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

Facial Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin, removes visible blemishes, lessens wrinkles and fine lines, lightens scars .

1h US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

High Frequency Anti-aging/Acne Facial

High Frequency Facials increase glandular activity and stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, encouraging healthy cell function, has a germicidal action decreasing bacteria, eliminates excess sebum, shrinks pores, improves moisture balance, nourishing the skin, decongests around the eyes, firms and tones improving the overall texture of the skin by promoting healing of the skin.

1h US$ 55,00 Reservar agora


40m US$ 40,00 Reservar agora


Deep exfoliation with increased circulation massage motion including a warm steam to further remove toxins a mud mask To remove toxins and leave the back perfectly hydrated radiant and smooth

1h US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

Full Body Scrub&Detox Mask

1h 30m US$ 48,00 Reservar agora

Spa Deluxe Pedicure

Includes a wonderful foot soak with your choice of botanical essential oil and Epson salt, toe nail and cuticle cleaning ,callus removal and exfoliating scrub, hot stone massage and paraffin wax hot towel wrap and foot massage topped with color of choice.

1h 10m US$ 37,00 Reservar agora

Manicure Gel/shellac polish

45m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Manicure with reg. Polish

30m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Spray Tan

30m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Lip waxing

15m US$ 5,00 Reservar agora

Bikini waxing

30m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Arms/legs waxing

30m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Brazilian wax

40m US$ 38,00 Reservar agora

Eyelash Lifting/Perm

1h 15m US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

Beauty Consultation

30m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Express Lashes (no refill included, cluster like)

35m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

Chair Massage 20mins

20m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Chair Massage 40 mins

40m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Henna Hand Art Temp-tattoo

15m US$ 12,00 Reservar agora

Eyebrow Micro-Retouch within 6 months

1h US$ 99,00 Reservar agora

Permanent Hair Removal 1small area

One service in small area on face

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

Permanent Hair Removal Medium size area

One service on a medium size area ; arms, or underarms, bikini area.

1h US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Permanent Hair Removal Large area

One service on a large area; legs, back, chest.

1h 30m US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Lemon Spa Pedi

40m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Lash refill 1-Week

30m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

3-4week Touchup

1h US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

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Avaliações (50)

A Booksy se preocupa com a confiabilidade das avaliações dos clientes - para compartilhar sua opinião sobre I.V's Beauty Studio você precisa primeiro usar o serviço.

  1. Stephanie avatar

    Stephanie F.

    I love my lashes! I V was professional and made me feel very comfortable. I will be returning for future services.

    I.V's Beauty Studio 11/06/2019


  2. Vanessa avatar

    Vanessa R.

    Perfect! Imelda is amazing! Love my lashes, definitely coming back.

  3. Pamela avatar

    Pamela H.

    I have had several facials with Imelda, and I’m hooked. I get the facial and lash combo and it has done wonders for my skin. It’s a fantastic deal. The products she uses are high quality and leave yours skin feeling amazing. I have notice a considerable difference since getting facials (roughly once a quarter). My face looks younger and feels soft. I highly recommend getting a facial with her.

    I.V's Beauty Studio 27/06/2019

    I 💜 u

  4. Yvette avatar

    Yvette C.

    Had a great experience! Imelda was great at explaining the process and very professional. I’ll be going back! Glad I was referred to her!

    I.V's Beauty Studio 17/07/2019

    Thanks doll

  5. Keleigh avatar

    Keleigh F.

    She "gets" it. I told her what my concerns were and she ran with it. I am happy with my lashes.

    I.V's Beauty Studio 17/07/2019

    Thank you so much

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