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BOSS Extensions_StylistNish
BOSS Extensions_StylistNish
BOSS Extensions_StylistNish

💕Thank you for choosing ✨BOSS Extensions✨ I am Stenisha Landon (Owner, & Stylist of ✨BOSS Extensions✨/ Lash Technician of “WINKED” 😉 Eyelash Collection) The ✨BOSS TEAM✨ is accepting new clients!!!We cater to all hair textures and lengths. My goal is to enhance your everyday look or make that special occasion even more memorable! Our ✨BOSS Extensions✨ Hair bundles 10’-34’, wigs, frontals, closures& etc can be pre-ordered & take about 3-5 business days for delivery! ⤵️⤵️⤵️ ✨BE THE BOSS WITHOUT PAYING THE COST WITH BOSS Extensions✨ **This is a home based salon.**

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Basic Quick Weave

✨Must show your ID✨

1h US$ 40,00 Reservar agora


✨Must show your ID✨

1h 30m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Starter twist/Locs

✨Must show your ID✨

1h 40m US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Basic Sew-In

✨Must show your ID✨

2h US$ 50,00 Reservar agora
3h US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

💁‍♀️Sew ins✨

Basic sew-in

2h US$ 75,00 Reservar agora

Versatile Sew-in

1h 45m US$ 100,00 Reservar agora

Sew in bob

2h 30m US$ 85,00 Reservar agora

Partial sew-in

1h US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Sew-in removal

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

💆‍♀️Quick Weaves✨

Basic Quick Weave

1h US$ 50,00 Reservar agora

Quick weave bob

1h 20m US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Quick Weave removal

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

🙆‍♀️ Ponytails/ Buns✨

Sleek ponytail

55m US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

High Genie ponytails

1h US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

Extended ponytail

55m US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

Knot Buns

30m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Knot Bun w/bangs

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

✨Silk Press✨

Adult Silk Press

1h US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

💇💇‍♂️Cuts & Trims✨

Ends clipped

15m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

🌈Hair Coloring✨

🎨 Natural Hair

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora
1h US$ 45,00 Reservar agora
2h US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Hair bundle coloring

30m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora
1h US$ 45,00 Reservar agora


1h 30m US$ 50,00 Reservar agora

✨Twist/ Locs✨

Twist/Starting Locs

1h 30m US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

Retwist NO STYLE

1h 30m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Adult Retwist & style

2h 45m US$ 55,00 Reservar agora


Shampoo & condition

15m US$ 5,00 Reservar agora

Hot oil treatment

30m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora


20m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora


20m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

“WINKED”😉 Eyelash Collection

👁 Eyelash extensions

2h US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

👁 Extension fill-in 1week

1h 10m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

👁 Extension fill-in 2weeks

1h 30m US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

Extensions 3weeks

30m US$ 50,00 Reservar agora

👁 Individual eyelashes NATURAL SET lashes included

25m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

👁 Individual eyelash FULL SET lashes included

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

👁 Natural Mink Strips free application

10m US$ 12,00 Reservar agora

👁Fluffy Mink Strips free application

10m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

👁 Mink Strip install ADD-ON WITH HAIR SERVICE

5m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Children 13 & younger

Children’s Silk Press

1h 30m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Children’s Rod Set

1h US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Kids style (natural hair braids with beads)

1h 20m US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Kids style (natural hair braids)

1h US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Add braiding hair

30m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Children’s Twist/Starter Locs

1h 30m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Children’s Retwist & style

1h 30m US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

✨Rod/ Roller Sets✨

Adult Rod set

1h US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Adult Roller Set

45m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

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Avaliações (7)

A Booksy se preocupa com a confiabilidade das avaliações dos clientes - para compartilhar sua opinião sobre BOSS Extensions_StylistNish você precisa primeiro usar o serviço.

  1. Elijah avatar

    Elijah J.

    I came in for the first time and had my hair colored and retwisted by Nish. I like my results!!!! I will be a returning client and I will be recommending twist and retwist to anyone that need their hair done. Thanks for a job well done. I’ll be coming back.

  2. Yu avatar

    Yu G.

    My lady did a fancy hair extensions. 28” fantastic job from my lady. 💃💃💃She is cutest and sweetest. 🥰🥰🥰Love the hair, love my lady. Fabulous 💖💖💖

  3. Mikey avatar

    Mikey p.

    I received great service and she really worked hard to get me my desired look.The dreads/twists came out great and I would strongly recommend her services

  4. ømb avatar

    ømb m.

    She was fast, Qucik, & about her business

  5. Alex avatar

    Alex G.

    The time is worth it

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