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Polo The Barber
Polo The Barber
Polo The Barber

"It has to be perfect!" is the motto that I use when working with clients, before I show them their final cut. Barbering is my passion, and it's my honor to share it with each person who books an appointment with me! Using the Booksy app, customers can easily schedule a session, as I'm available six days out of the week and an expert at providing razor skin fades, scissor cuts, graphic designs, beard grooming, and charcoal mask treatments.

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All haircuts include eyebrows, nose, and ears groomed.

35m US$15,00 Reservar agora

Razor Skin Fade

Super smooth skin fade! No stubbles.

40m US$17,00 Reservar agora

Hair cut & Design/part/line

Any haircut with added design, part or line.

35m US$20,00+ Reservar agora

Gentlemen's Bundle "The works"

Any type of Hair cut + Beard + eyebrows+ nose, and ears groomed + Beverage

35m US$25,00 Reservar agora

Scissors Cut

35m US$15,00 Reservar agora

Blow Out with Top Cut

Blow out only $12

35m US$15,00 Reservar agora

Kids Hair cut

Candy & choice of Beverage

35m US$15,00+ Reservar agora

Beard plus..."Best Deal"

Includes whole head shaped up and back tapered, eyebrows, nose, and ears groomed

20m US$12,00 Reservar agora

Black Head Charcoal Mask.

15m US$8,00 Reservar agora

After Hours

Applies to Sundays & appointments before 9 a.m./after 6 p.m.

1h US$25,00 Reservar agora

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    Excellent service 👍

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    Excellent service as always by Polo the Barber.

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