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Bane Fitness

Personal trainer and gym

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Fee will be applied to personal training balance

30m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Personal Training

1h   Reservar agora

Online Training

1h US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Sauna with detox tea (30 mins)

30m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Sauna with detox tea (1hr)

1h US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Sauna, detox, w/thermogenic cream and wrap

30m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Sauna with thermogenic cream and wrap (1hr)

1h US$ 45,00 Reservar agora

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Avaliações (31)

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  1. Rhamonia avatar

    Rhamonia Y.

    Definitely got more than I expected out of my workout! There are no doubts that I will get the results I wished for very soon. It's more than exercising. It's meal monitoring, coaching, weight loss/gain tips all in a professional and motivating atmosphere. I definitely should have joined sooner!

  2. April avatar

    April B.

    I was so little and weak. Bane worked with me and ive come a long way. Im still working with him. Thank you!!!!! Hes awesome. The pic may not look like much but theres a huge difference in my before and after.

  3. Angel avatar

    Angel T.

    He is great and he WILL work you out.

  4. Phyllis avatar

    Phyllis H.

    It was more then what I thought it would be. I can’t wait until I see my results. It was clean quiet and you can really focus on your goal. I love how you were able to interact with all of your clients very professional.

  5. Edwina avatar

    Edwina S.

    Awesome experience! Friendly and professional atmosphere. So glad I joined. I can’t wait to bring my husband.

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