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Super Natural Hair Studio is where all the natural elements of your hair can be cut, pressed, molded, shaped, curled and twisted to define who you are. Everyone's curl pattern is different, come and let's discover what works for you.

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Massage Therapy

1 Free scalp massage for 5 mins per client *ONLY ON MONDAYS*

5m grátis Reservar agora


Some styles aren't for everyone, let's discover what works for you.

15m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Massage Therapy and facial detox

Relaxing Scalp massage and facial detox to clean your pores

10m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora
30m US$ 50,00 Reservar agora
20m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Summer Styles 5/1 - 7/13

Select Summer braids, twists and more, starting at only $40, make sure your hair is already prepped for styles!!!

2h US$ 40,00 Reservar agora

Summer Silk Press

$50 for hair already shampooed $60 for shampoo service also

3h US$ 50,00+ Reservar agora

Haircut, Trim ends

This service is a dry cut, please have hair already prepped

30m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Natural Package

This package includes a shampoo, deep conditioner, 15 min massage, ends trim and no more than 30 min hairstyle (including drying time, if needed)

3h US$ 100,00 Reservar agora

Fresh start Locs

2h US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

Loc shampoo and retwists

This service includes shampoo, leave in conditioner and style

3h US$ 80,00+ Reservar agora

Scalp braids

1h 30m US$ 30,00+ Reservar agora

Deep Conditioning Treatment with trim ends

Do you have breakage? Do your curls look relaxed? Has color interrupted your curl pattern? Let's get your hair back to it's Natural state

1h 45m US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Crochets with loop

This service does not include a shampoo and conditioner, Please come with hair already prepped to style

1h 15m US$ 50,00+ Reservar agora

Tribal/bohemian braids

Hair must be clean and dried for service

4h 30m varia Reservar agora

Senaglese Twist w/o hair

3h 30m US$ 80,00 Reservar agora

Senaglese Twist, with hair

3h 30m US$ 100,00 Reservar agora


2h 30m US$ 80,00+ Reservar agora


This service includes a Color, shampoo, conditioner and style

3h US$ 50,00+ Reservar agora

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  1. LaShunda avatar

    LaShunda W.

    She took her time and cut my ends to my satisfaction!! Will recommend her expertise to everyone!!

  2. Brandy avatar

    Brandy A.

    She is wonderful, exactly what I wanted. I will be returning soon!

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