Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge
Scintillating Beauty Lounge

Scintillating Beauty Lounge is a full service beauty destination that's fully dedicated to making every customer look and feel like a local trend setter. We're here to enhance your physical appearance. But we also want you to relax mentally and physically, because our clients should leave our space feeling beautiful inside and out. Our services are available for every hair type, style, color, and design. And every time a new person walks into our space we love to highlight and unveil hidden, natural beauty. View our schedules online today, as same day appointments may be available.

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Post Op Lymphatic Massages

1h 30m US$ 130,00

Post Op Lymphatic Massage

30m US$ 75,00

Tooth bling


This service includes a semi permanent Swarovski crystal adhered onto tooth of your choice price includes 2 crystals

15m US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Tooth bling (one bling)

One tooth bling (one Swarovski crystal added to the tooth)

30m US$ 20,00+ Reservar agora


Rhinestone full finger

30m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Rhinestone add-on 1/4th nail

30m US$ 5,00 Reservar agora

Swarovski full nail bling

30m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Swarovski 1/4th nail add on

30m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Color acrylic add-on

This is an add-on service if wanting color acrylic or a glitter blend mix acrylic used in full set service only!

30m US$ 15,00+ Reservar agora

Polish Change

15m US$ 10,00+ Reservar agora

Nail art

30m US$ 15,00+ Reservar agora

Spa Manicure

Full manicure with mask and paraffin treatment service also includes gel no discount if getting polish, massage included

45m US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Nail Repair

15m US$ 3,00 Reservar agora

Manicure - Soak Off / Removal

Soak off of any gel or acrylic

45m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Manicure - Polish

Basic manicure with polish and massage

45m US$ 20,00 Reservar agora

Manicure - French

This is a gel service please specify if gel is not wanted and reduce by $5.00

45m US$ 40,00+ Reservar agora

Hand Paraffin treatment

15m US$ 10,00 Reservar agora

Manicure + Pedicure

Basic manicure and pedicure gel polish included with service

1h 45m US$ 60,00+ Reservar agora

Manicure - Buff / No Polish

Basic manicure with buff no polish and massage included

30m US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

Gel Manicure

Full service manicure with gel polish does not include designs

45m US$ 30,00+ Reservar agora

Acrylic Nails

Price starts from $45 for square short set price increases for shape and length all services include gel no upcharge

2h 15m US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Soak off

Acrylic nail removal with acetone service starts at $10 will charge more if nails have mma on them

45m US$ 10,00+ Reservar agora

Poly gel overlay

Gelish poly gel over lay on natural length of nails to help keep nails from breaking or cracking.

45m US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Poly Gel extension

45m US$ 55,00+ Reservar agora

Gel Fill

Rebalance of gel nail extension

45m US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Gel Extension

Gel extensions sculpted.

1h 30m US$ 65,00+ Reservar agora

Slick Pour dip system full set

1h 15m US$ 50,00+ Reservar agora


40m US$ 20,00+ Reservar agora

Ombré acrylic set

Two tone acrylic ombré

1h 45m US$ 65,00+ Reservar agora


Acrylic refill with polish

55m US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Glitter add -on

This includes loose and glitter acrylic

30m US$ 10,00+ Reservar agora

Gel polish add on

Gel add on with a service

10m US$ 10,00+ Reservar agora
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Brow Wax

15m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora


Acrylic full set (toes)

This service is does not include a pedicure, pedicure is needed before this service within a 48 hour period

1h US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Acrylic fill (toes)

Must have pedicure before service, acrylic toe full set with choice of gel color

45m US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Pedicure - Polish

Basic pedicure with polish massage included

45m US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Pedicure - Nail Art

45m US$ 5,00+ Reservar agora

Pedicure - Buff / No Polish

45m US$ 30,00+ Reservar agora

Princess Pedicure

Children 12 and under can get a princess mani and pedi and feel like a big girl

1h US$ 25,00 Reservar agora

Basic pedicure

1h US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

Deluxe Pedicure

1h 30m US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

Spa Pedicure

1h 30m US$ 60,00+ Reservar agora
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Natural mink set

1h 15m US$ 80,00 Reservar agora

Mixed Hybrid Ser

1h 35m US$ 95,00 Reservar agora

Dramatic Volume Set

2h US$ 99,00 Reservar agora

1 week refill

1h US$ 35,00+ Reservar agora

2 Week refill

1h US$ 45,00+ Reservar agora

3 Week refill

1h US$ 55,00+ Reservar agora

Lash Removal

25m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Bottom Minks

30m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

Learn to Lash 1 on 1 class

5h US$ 599,00 Reservar agora

Skin Services

CBD Facial (Hemp)

45m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

LED Mask Therapy (add-on service)

15m US$ 30,00 Reservar agora

Signature Hidden Beauty Facial

45m US$ 50,00 Reservar agora

Express Facial

30m US$ 35,00 Reservar agora

Crystal Microdermabrasion Facial

15m US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Dermaplane Facial

45m US$ 75,00 Reservar agora

High Frequency Facial

45m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

Gold Mask Facial

45m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

LED Mask Therapy Treatment

45m US$ 70,00 Reservar agora

Little Beauty Facial

15m US$ 15,00 Reservar agora

TCA Chemical Peel (25%)

30m US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Beard Facial

45m US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

Extreme Acne Facial Treatment

45m US$ 75,00 Reservar agora

Double Chin Reduction

45m US$ 80,00 Reservar agora

Collagen Crystal Mask Facial

45m US$ 60,00 Reservar agora

Butt Facial

15m US$ 100,00 Reservar agora

Double Chin Reduction (6 session treatment)

45m US$ 450,00 Reservar agora

Face Lift Treatment (no facial included)

45m US$ 75,00 Reservar agora

Ultrasonic Facial

45m US$ 65,00 Reservar agora

Back Facial

30m US$ 50,00 Reservar agora

Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel Treatment

30m US$ 55,00 Reservar agora

Body Contouring

Post Op Lymphatic Massages

1h 30m US$ 130,00 Reservar agora

Post Op Lymphatic Massage

1h US$ 90,00 Reservar agora

Post Op Lymphatic Massage

30m US$ 75,00 Reservar agora

Cellulite and Skin tightening

45m US$ 100,00 Reservar agora

Cellulite Wood Therapy

45m US$ 100,00 Reservar agora

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  1. Christy avatar

    Christy H.

    I had a fantastic experience with Mimi the nail guru! My hands and feet were treated professionally; they look and feel beautiful!

  2. Debby avatar

    Debby R.

    I saw Mimi Morales. Booked with her. Love my nails and also the Salon.

  3. Raynette avatar

    Raynette L.


  4. Pookie avatar

    Pookie ?.

    Best nail artist ever !!!

  5. Tasha avatar

    Tasha -.

    Very perfessional great work positive attitude awesome job


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