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Sonja Monique Beauty
1812 Nort Brown Rd Suite116, Lawrenceville, 30043
21 avaliações

Sonja Monique Beauty

1812 Nort Brown Rd Suite116, Lawrenceville, 30043


    • Haircut

    • Color

    • Highlights

    • Weave

    • Shampoo and style

    • Relaxer

    • Silk press

    • Shamppo and rinse

    • Twist

    • Quick weave

    • Trim

    • Shampoo cut and style

    • Shampoo style deep condition

    • Braid down

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21 avaliações
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Kijuana N…

set 6, 2018
Sonja is AWESOME and very patient with New High Maintenance clients. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your clientele.
Respondido: set 6, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
you are so welcome

Monique S…

ago 11, 2018
Love the look Thanks 💗

Jamisha G…

ago 7, 2018
First time client and I loved her! Very nice!! She educated me on my hair and how to solve the problems I was having. She also did a wonderful press 👍🏽💗
Respondido: ago 7, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you so much Jamisha , it was a pleasure doing your hair. Look forward to seeing you again.

LeChe R…

ago 1, 2018
We had a great first visit to ms sonja i really appreciate her doin my girls hair for back to school...they love their styles...well see you soon thanks again
Respondido: ago 3, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
had a great time with you and the girls. hope to she u guys again

Shaniqua H…

jun 28, 2018
Absolutely love my silk press!
Respondido: jun 28, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
Thank you so much. I enjoyed meeting you and making you happy with your hair.

Lena R…

jun 22, 2018
Fantastic. Hair

Channy C…

jun 16, 2018
Looking flawless agin!! Thanks Sonja!

Shelly-Ann C…

mai 5, 2018
Always friendly with great service

Lena R…

abr 17, 2018
Great service!

Ann D…

abr 13, 2018
Excellent as usual!! You can count on leaving this salon with an amazing hairstyle!!

Ida L…

abr 12, 2018
Sonya is a wonderful stylist in every way. She is very patient and she listens to her clients needs. When visiting her she make you feel like all her attention is on you. I have challenges with my hair in some areas and Sonya is very understanding...
Respondido: ago 7, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you Ms. Ida i am so happy that i can make u feel great about your hair.

Cecilia A…

mar 7, 2018
She was very professional and friendly
Respondido: ago 7, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank u so much cecilia.

Kineka W…

fev 28, 2018
Sonja is an Awesome stylist. She not only specializes in providing the latest styles but also in maintaining healthy hair and educating you in hair care.
Respondido: mar 8, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thak you so much. i appreciate having you as a client. look forward to seeing u again

Lena R…

fev 22, 2018
Respondido: mar 8, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you ms. lena

Cookie H…

fev 16, 2018
I am very pleased with my haircut from Sonja today. She always does a great job on my hair.
Respondido: fev 16, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you Cookie

Carla P…

jan 21, 2018
Sonja takes her time and gives care and attention to each of her clients. I am very pleased with my results as I am transitioning from permanent to natural hair. She make sure her clients are seen on time and get out in a timely fashion.
Respondido: jan 22, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank u so much

Nichole P…

jan 10, 2018
My visit with Sonja was amazing. My hair looks and feels fabulous. I have been looking to choose a stylist and am glad she was recommended. I've gotten lots of compliments.
Respondido: jan 10, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you nichole

Brenda B…

jan 7, 2018
I feel your should give clients time spaced apart for appointments.
Respondido: jan 7, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
ms brenda you have weave in your hair and the time under the dryer is undetermine, i try to make everyone happy. i am sorry that everytime you come i have my client there that is in a wheel chair and i have to make sure she gets from the bowl to the dryer. You are more than welcome to come during the week when it is not crowded are later in the after noon. Thank you. This was not the style i did on this picture.

Tiffany a…

jan 2, 2018
Appointments are easy to make, and she’s always available when I need her. Sonja is very attentive, and is able to achieve any look I’m going for. Love it here!
Respondido: jan 2, 2018
Sonja Monique Beauty
it was a pleasure

Sonta M…

dez 30, 2017
Sonja is the BEST hairstylist ever! I just sit in the chair and say, "do whatever you want to do to my hair" because I trust her that much!
Respondido: dez 30, 2017
Sonja Monique Beauty
thank you so much
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