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Kirsten Oswood
92. W. Castle St, Stockton, 95204
10 avaliações

Kirsten Oswood

92. W. Castle St, Stockton, 95204


    • Massage with Reiki Energy Healing

    • Tarot

    • Therapeutic Massage

    • Therapeutic massage

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10 avaliações
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Christy B…

Dez 22, 2018
Kirsten was super nice and did a great job on my massage especially on my neck, shoulders, and arms. The room had a nice ambiance to it. Highly recommend. Thank you, Kirsten.

Elizabeth M…

Dez 16, 2018
Very healing therapeutic massage. Kirsten is one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. I have been getting massages for over 20 years and she has the gift of healing! Highly recommend her!!!

Sydne E…

Nov 27, 2018
It was amazing! Loved the atmosphere and felt amazing after!

deleted_user d…

Nov 18, 2018
She knows her craft very well and is very comforting. Answers questions and explains what she is doing so there is an understanding of thr session. I highly recommend her, gives off positive energy.

Athina M…

Nov 7, 2018
I bought this first mssage through groupon and it was very relaxing. She was very informative about the LOTS of tension that I had. Way more then I thought I had. Overall good place.

Marisa B…

Out 28, 2018
Fantastic and relaxing environment. Aesthetically pleasing as well

Jesse S…

Out 15, 2018
Best massage I've had. She really knows how to pinpoint and work on your problem areas. Also a really nice room, comfortable table, relaxing music and all around great environment. Highly recommend.

Joshua E…

Out 7, 2018
Not very easy to find, but nice little place. A sign for the back side would be helpful. Very professional, great massage, so relaxing. I would go back.

Tricia W…

Ago 14, 2018
Kristen is a very good therapist. She intuitively knew where I needed deep tissue and also the areas where I needed a lighter touch. Her spirit is kind, her hands are nurturing. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Indi S…

Ago 13, 2018
Loved it. A+ Will be returning in the furture.