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DeeDee’s Beauty Bar
27897 Havana Ave, Hayward, 94544
12 avaliações

DeeDee’s Beauty Bar

27897 Havana Ave, Hayward, 94544


    • Classic Eyelash extensions

    • 2 week fill

    • Hybrid

    • 2 weeks fill

    • Volume

    • 2 weeks fill

    • Kids Braids (Design)

    • adult 2 Braids (No Design)

    • Braids (Design)

    • Box Braids

    • 2 feed in braids

    • 4 Feed In Braids

    • Men Braids ( Two regular)

    • Men Braids ( Design )

    • Eyelash Removal


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12 avaliações
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Daniel G…

jul 21, 2020
Good price and quick...

Briana C…

jun 29, 2020
Daisy does such a great job!...

del p…

jun 10, 2020
My lashes look amazing, she gave me exactly what I wanted. She was very knowledgable and extremely sweet. Def have a new customer. ❤...

Brenda Barajas C…

jun 9, 2020
Amazing job! Daisy takes her time and made me feel comfortable throughout the session! 11/10, I will be coming back soon! Love my lashes!...

Zakir B…

jan 6, 2020
Great experience...

Genee N…

dez 20, 2019
Nice personable and she knows what shes doing...

Karissa S…

nov 27, 2019
I booked to have hybrid lashes as well as 2 feed in braids done with Daisy & I am very happy with the outcome of both my lashes and hair. She was very professional and kind. She made sure my hair was very neat, even if it meant taking a few sections ...out and doing it again to get the perfect smooth look. 😍 She was also great at communicating with me when she was running a little behind which I truly appreciated. She is home based which means she has family animals, kids, and family members around which did not bother me at all and she made sure I felt comfortable as she offered extra pillows for my back as I am 9months pregnant and she offered water and didnt mind at all when I needed to take a minute to sit up and breathe after having a horrible hot flash... and also walked me to where her restroom was so I wouldnt feel awkward since family was just outside her working area and she did walk me to the door as I was leaving. I found my new lash and braid lady and I highly recommend her ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💯💯

Bianca J…

nov 25, 2019
She does a really great job! Always takes time to make sure my lashes are on point. Never disappointed. Really chill. Love my lashes!...

Ariana M…

nov 21, 2019
I love my lashes they look so natural and she was so nice I will definitely be coming back!!!...

Sheila T…

nov 20, 2019
Amazing service, loved the outcome of the lashes just what I was expecting definitely coming back !...

ava g…

nov 19, 2019
My lashes always come out beautiful! They're very durable, have enough volume and density but still look natural, and save me a lot of time getting ready. It always feels like Daisy works fast and the outcome doesn't disappoint! I will come back for ...many more fills!

Truth D…

set 22, 2019
This is an at home office. DAISY was surprised to see me on a Saturday morning. Later she explained that she didn't receive a notification so it was an app setting issue. But the first greeting i received was from a small dog. It was very unwelcoming... because of the loud barking but later the dog calmed down. Since Daisy wasn't prepared to see me she had to gather herself last minute for her 10 a.m. appointment. I felt uneasy going into a room that someone else was sleeping in and her tiny lash section was used as a bird cage storage as well. There was a lot of noise coming from her front door and relatives were coming in and out of the room including children. Her space was unkept and she had to change her son's diaper while in the middle of my lash appointment. I would give her environment a 3 stars sadly. Her skills and her customer service actually convinced me to rethink about my review. Her fill price of $50 for hybrid is reasonable. I was also given an extra pillow to put under my knees because my back was hurting. Her protien cleaner was helpful and her mister helped eliminate the stinging from the glue. She was timely with her application and I decided to request braiding service for $15 because my lashes turned out nice. Her skill level would be a 4 star rating so in total its an average of 3.5 stars but I ranked it up.