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EDT Performance Enhancement
2250 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, 94606
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EDT Performance Enhancement

2250 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, 94606
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    • Consultation

    • Foundational Strength x Conditioning

      Elementary Kids Only!!
    • Foundational Strength & Conditioning Training

      Middle School Kids Only
    • Hs Speed Training

    • Collegiate Speed Training

    • HydroTraining x Hydrotherapy

    • Personal Training 1 On 1 For Adults

      1 on 1 Personal Training
    • Beach SAQ

      Group Speed Training
    • Elite Positional Enhancement

      Extreme Integrated Training
    • Quarantine Boot Camp

      Foundational Strength x Endurance
    • Film Analysis

      Film Analysis

  • Muscle Treatment

    • Deep Tissue Sports Massage

      Breaks Up Knots, Stiffness, Scar Tissue etc with State of the Art Percussion Therapy

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Kimani B…

jul 19, 2020
Great service, great atmosphere really helped me feel like I improved my game

Ida J…

jul 19, 2020
EDT is the most welcoming environment for athletes at all levels my son talks about all the great kids he has met and worked out with.Ed made sure that he connected with my son and now my kid makes sure he takes his advise when it comes to applyin...

Princess Kindra R…

jun 1, 2020
E Davis is a professional at learning what your body needs in order to perform at its highest function. He’ll push you to be greater than what you were yesterday! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed to work with someone who is knowledgeable abou...


mai 20, 2020
Highly recommend you reach out to E.Davis, especially if you need any rehabilitation done. I ruptured my Achilles few years ago and never received the proper treatment for it but once I reached out to E.Davis I'm starting to gain that strength bac...

Elijah Green I…

mai 12, 2020
I really enjoyed my workout. He knows how to push me to get the best out of myself. He doesn’t allow me to quit or give up on myself. Also, I feel like I got what I came for. Would definitely recommend him!

Laura L…

mai 5, 2020
E Davis is very persistent and takes pride in what he in what he does, he takes his time to cater working towards making your workout comply towards working to on your weaknesses (for example I have weak ankles). As soon as he noticed they were we...

Darren P…

mai 4, 2020
The experience was the best you’ll have fun here. I think this is the best trainer out here.

Tiffany S…

abr 24, 2020
Amazing workouts! He has all the equipment a trainee needs. Just show up with water and start the workout. Even if a person is late, Ed will not cut your workout short. I have never felt better! I've gotten stronger physically and mentally. He see...

Noe M…

fev 11, 2020
One of the best trainers hands down. Getting me right after 2 acl surgeries. Noticing some great improvements from movement, strength and flexibility. Highly recommend for your recovery and personal training needs !

Nate I…

fev 6, 2020
Reached out to Coach Ed to continue training my 11 year-old son after participating in a beach workout he held a few weeks back. He’s completely involved in helping with technique and improving explosiveness. He’s very personable and relates to th...

Aramis H…

fev 5, 2020
Great program, Mr. Davis is knowledgeable and very confident about helping me get to my target weight May 1st.

Adrian U…

set 26, 2019
Coach Ed pushes him hard and keeps it fun and challenging.

Amber D…

ago 22, 2019
Awesome wrk out!

Michael L…

ago 21, 2019
Best all around trainer in the land !! 🤟🏾