Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club
Guilty Barber Club

Eclectic mix of vintage and modern styling

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Standard haircut

30m 12,00 £ Забронировать

Standard cut & beard

45m 15,00 £ Забронировать

Fade: skin, 0.0, 0.5

45m 14,00 £ Забронировать

Men’s fade & beard

1h 17,00 £ Забронировать

Under 16s fade

45m 12,00 £ Забронировать

Under 16s cut

30m 9,00 £ Забронировать

Seniors haircut

30m 8,00 £ Забронировать

One grade all over

15m 8,00 £ Забронировать

Beard trim

15m 5,00 £ Забронировать

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  1. Chris avatar

    Chris G.

    I had been to the Deathly Hallows previously and needed to get my Goblet Of Fire rearranged by Order Of The Phoenix. So I entered Guilty Barber Club and was greeted by the Half Blood Prince. I was scared and was thinking to myself would I ever leave or would I become a Prisoner Of Azkaban. Nevertheless I proceeded with caution and was guided by Hagrid through the Chamber Of Secrets and it was there it began. I took my seat on The Philosophers Stone and Hermione flashed her Wand. I couldn’t believe the magic before my eyes. The Nimbus 2000 swept my hair into a frenzy with such amazing results. I headed to Diagon Alley and made a swift transaction with Dobby then put on my Cloak. I walked back to Hogwarts with the wind rushing through my golden locks thinking to myself Harry will be so please as that was certainly 50 Points for Gryffindor! Thank you for the experience. Kind Regards Ronald Bilius Weasley.

  2. Dom avatar

    Dom J.

    Hair looks spot on, first time here and wont be the last. Cheers.

  3. Alex avatar

    Alex J.

    Attention to detail is second to none. Welcoming and friendly!

  4. Heather avatar

    Heather J.

    My son is 3 & for the last couple of years we’ve taken him to a variety of different barbers & each time we’ve left feeling disappointed with the quality of his haircut - he has often been left with what can only be described as a Dumb & Dumber fringe 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. However, since finding Dan, his hair is no longer resembles Lloyd Christmas’ & always gets compliments. Dan is also much more patient with kids than any other barber I’ve come across - and has a great little toy / play area in the shop! Highly recommend for any parents struggling to find a decent barber!! 💈

  5. David avatar

    David H.


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