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Hannah S. Services
524 Available Upon Booking, Warner Robins, 31088
54 отзывов
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Hannah S. Services

524 Available Upon Booking, Warner Robins, 31088
Venue Health and Safety Rules


    • Mega Volumes Sale (Model Price)

    • Simple Classic Eyelash Extensions (Model Price)

      This is for new clients only!
    • Hybrid(Lite Volume Mixed with classic) Model Price


  • Classic/Hybrid Lash Extensions

    • Classic/Hybrid Infill(Pandemic)

    • 2/3wks classic/Hybrid infill with repairs


  • Mini Mega Volume/Professional Volumes 12mm-14mm

    • Mini Mega Volume 12-14mm

    • Mini Mega Infill (Pandemic)

    • Mini Mega 2/3wk (Pandemic)


  • Savage Mega Unicorn Set 14mm-19mm

    • Mega Infill (Pandemic)

    • Mega Infill 2/3wk (Pandemic)


  • Classic Eyelash Extension Training

    • Eyelash Extension Training Special

      Become an lash artist! Learn hands on how to properly apply classic lash extensions. Learn the entire process ...on how to become an in-home or mobile lash tech. Make $25-$100 an hour from home. Comes with starter kit, manual, and certificate of completion
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    • Classic Extension Refresh Course

      Get one on one extra help with lash training. Must be able to show proof of original Lash Training Certificati...on. Must provide model
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    • Advanced Eyelash Extension Course

      Teaches: -How to be a better lash artist -the swoosh or fan look of the lashes -the Novalash secret -hybrids -...premade fans -layers to lashing -flat lashes -custom lash mapping -more marketing -go to lashes on amazon and other sites -introduction to volume Include advanced kit -specialize flat lashes -advance tweezers -sample products of what I used in my business certificate of completion *Must show proof of certification
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    • Hybrid Training

      Hands on training on how to create a hybrid look with premade fans. Must provide model.
    • Bottom Lash Training

      Hands on one on one training on how to apply bottom lashes.
    • Social Media Marketing

      Pick up clients instantly! Learn how to grow your business.
    • Lash Tutoring(Must show proof of certification)

      I have added Lash Tutoring to my services. $50 an hour. I will help other lash artist learn the business, answ...er any questions, and critique or assist with any techniques.
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  • Other Lash Services

    • Lash Removal

    • Mega/Hybrid Lash repairs (3 days and under)

    • Classic Repairs (3 days and under)

    • Bottom lashes

    • Lash Bath


  • Hair Extension Services

    • I-tips or Tape-in Consultation

    • I-tip Extensions or Tape-ins (Introductory Price)

      I-tips are individual 1 gram strains of hair in-cased in a plastic type coating at the top that is beaded into... the individual's natural hair. Each bundle is 75 to 100 strains. It takes 150 to 200(2 bundles) strain for a simple install. For the "Hollywood" look, 3 to 4 bundles is needed. Hair is not included in the price and must be ordered 2 weeks prior to appointment.
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    • Style Only

      Flat-iron, curled,etc

  • Education Services

    • K-8 Education Tutoring and Assistance

      Parents, I have worked in both Houston and Bibb County School Systems. I was a juvenile probation officer and ...Intensive Support Paraprofessional. Co-vid has changed the way our kids are going to have to learn. I have an A.S. in Elementary Education, B.S. in Public Service, and a M.A. in Life Coaching. My son is also a first grader in the county. I am offering tutoring services to any needing assistance for the upcoming school year. I can work with your kid to ensure that they are receiving the online support needed in a co-vid safe environment.
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  • Locks, Braids, and Beads

    • Braid Consultation and Hair Purchase

    • Knotless Braids (Small)

    • Knotless Braids (Medium)

    • Knotless Braids(Jumbo)

    • Box Braids (Small)

    • Box Braids (Medium)

    • Box Braids (Jumbo)

    • Lemonade Braids (Small)

    • Lemonade Braids (Medium)

    • Lemonade Braids (Jumbo)

    • Feed-in Braids (4 to 5)

    • Feed-in Braids (6 to 8)

    • Feed-in Braids (9 to 10) ponytail

    • Locks Re-twist


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54 отзывов
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Janay B…

дек. 7, 2020
Very good at what she does. Great conversation and laughs and I even got a good nap in. Will definitely be going back!...

Rhonda T…

май 13, 2020
Great job and customer service...

Asia F…

март 10, 2020
She’s always awesome!...

Latoyia H…

февр. 23, 2020
She’s Awesome and the atmosphere is so loving. Most definitely will recommend her....

cierra s…

февр. 18, 2020
She always does an awesome job and love her energy!!Definitely 5 star service!!...

Naila A…

февр. 18, 2020
The service was great! She was great! My first time getting lashed and she made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the process. Would definitely recommend!...

Destinee H…

янв. 26, 2020
Super professional and great work !...

Latoyia H…

янв. 7, 2020
The atmosphere was wonderful and she’s very professional and my lashes looks amazing....

Laqueisha D…

янв. 3, 2020
She is the best ! I love my lashes !...

Tiffany L…

дек. 17, 2019
I have been going to see Hannah for over a year. I would NEVER think that someone who calls themselves a professional would deliberately do a bad job on a PAYING customers lashes. After going home and looking in the mirror I see that my lashes are CO...MPLETELY DIFFERENT. I call Hannah to tell her and she then begins to laugh and tells me I have 2 different eyes. Well the fact she's done amazing work for the past year shows that you can do both eyes the same. I ask if she's going to fix them and she tells me no. I then ask if she could give me some of the lashes she used so I can fix them and was also told no. I then said if you won't fix them or give me what I need to fix them can I have a refund she laughs and says all services are non refundable and good day. She then hangs up on me and proceeds to block me from social media and calling. I can't believe she would act like this towards a PAYING CLIENT! For the price she charges I expect a certain level of service. You can't tell me that I was given her best work and this is what my lashes looked like. It's sad that because I was her friend she found this type of work acceptable and even sadder with the response she gave me in response to my not being happy with this sub par work. Looking at these lashes would you?
Отвечено: дек. 17, 2019
Hannah S. Services
This former client has 2 large holes caused by a scar and a previous tech. Like with any 2 brows, no 2 lash lines are the same. There are no lashes in those 2 bald spots causing the significant difference. This has been an ongoing struggle with this client. Friday, after receiving a significant discount on a 2 wk infill, she called with her same concerns, but still demanded that I "fix it". I explained that due to the 2 separate lash traumas that she has suffered in the past, it could not be fixed. She began screaming and cursing. I immediately hung up the phone because I do not accept any form of disrespect! She later showed up at my place of employment cursing at myself and my child.

Isabella O…

дек. 13, 2019
I love my lashes!...

Juliet R…

дек. 10, 2019
Perfect lashes every time!...

Jamie C…

дек. 8, 2019
Happy with my new lashes. I reccomend her servives....

Madison H…

окт. 30, 2019
Amazing!! Hannah is so talented and so sweet! She explained every bit of the process and how to take proper care of your lashes. She takes her time and perfects every single lash. Bonus, she’s hilarious and will make you laugh the whole time!...

Lequilla A…

окт. 20, 2019
Hannah is very knowledgeable and very clean with her work. I love her she does an excellent job....

Amy S…

окт. 19, 2019
Excellent customer service, gorgeous lashes!!!...

RaShaada B…

окт. 9, 2019
Love my lashes, professional and awesome customer courtesy...

D'Nique N…

сент. 21, 2019
Professional and courteous! I’ll be back again!...

Alisha D…

сент. 8, 2019
Hannah is amazing!! I feel like a new person every time I leave. Book her you want be disappointed!!❤️...

Lequilla A…

сент. 6, 2019
Very lovely person. She is very professional and clean....
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