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Danyel Nicole Beauty
Danyel Nicole Beauty
Danyel Nicole Beauty

Full-service Chicago beauty salon located in the Streeterville neighborhood. Please check out my extensive list of services to see my breadth of expertise! Expert in all things beauty, and dedicated to curating my services to your individual beauty needs. Hopefully see you soon.

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Womans Haircut

All my haircut started with a consultation. If you have a photo of your desired look you, I welcome it! All my haircuts come with shampoo and blow-dry. Hot tool service is extra.

1h 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Men's Haircut

Men Why go to a barbershop when you have Danyel Nicole to give you a trendy look. All mens cuts come with a complementary wash,scalp massage, and style.

30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Children Haircut

Children need to be stylish too! Danyel Nicole gives children the care and attention they deserve.

30m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Dry Cut

Just want a Haircut? Danyel Nicole also provides a Dry cut for those who are in a hurry and on a bugdet.

30m 50,00 $+ Забронировать


Loc Maintenance

1h 30m 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Blowout with color service

Most color services are al a carte. Please read color description and add blow out to the service.

15m 25,00 $+ Забронировать

Wash and Natural

wash and go hair!

15m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Wash+ Blowout

This is not your ordinary blowout. Danyel Nicole uses multiple round brushes to create volume and bounce to your hair. Look like a star with Danyel Nicole's famous blowout technique.

45m 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Hot tool Style

This service is just for clients that want there hair curled. Wash, and blow dry are not included.

30m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Bridal Blowout

Enjoy a signature blow dry on your special day. This service is for anyone in your bridal party or guest.

45m 60,00 $+ Забронировать

Wash + Blow dry + Hot tool

1h 65,00 $+ Забронировать

Dress styling

Events, Proms, Girls Night out. Bring in a photo and get red carpet ready!

30m 85,00 $+ Забронировать

Wedding Trial

You special day is coming soon. I enjoy giving brides exactly the look they want on their special day. Come in with a photo and your Vail and get a glimpse of how fabulous you will look for your day!

1h 85,00 $+ Забронировать

Bridal Party Dress Styling

Have Picture perfect hair. Bring a photo and let Danyel Nicole do her magic.

30m 85,00 $+ Забронировать

Bridal Dress Styling

Its your special day. Danyel Nicole enjoys sharing this day with you. Weather its in her exclusive private suite or on location you are sure to have the best wedding experience you deserve. Please be sure to have a trail before your special day.

1h 120,00 $+ Забронировать


Trissola Masque

Enhance the shine, moisture, and protein in your hair with this luxurious treatment. This treatment takes 10 mins and you will have soft shinny hair.

15m 20,00 $+ Забронировать

Brazilian blowout masque treatment

15m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Olaplex deep conditioning treatment

30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать


Color Per Foil

For those Clients that just want a few Highlights

5m 12,00 $+ Забронировать

Conditioning Color Gloss

Color Gloss add tones of shine and movement to your hair. If your color is looking dull but you don't have time to sit and wait, this is a perfect service for you. Since this is a add on service Blow dry style is not included.

30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Root Touch-Up

A touch up is color for clients thats hates to see roots.This is recommend in between your single process or highlighting. This process does not include a blowdry, style.

1h 5m 60,00 $+ Забронировать

Single Process

A Single Process is an all over color. Perfect for grey coverage, one solid color, and color in between your highlights. Single Process includes blow dry style, iron is not included.

1h 30m 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Double Process

This service is your classic “bleach and tone”. This does not include a blow dry style.

2h 30m 110,00 $+ Забронировать

Face framing highlights

Brighten up your face with this service. All highlighting service come with the olaplex treatment. This service does not include a blow dry style.

1h 30m 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial Highlights

Add dimension to your hair with highlights. Let me custom create your highlights to fit your skin tone and lifestyle. This service includes a blow dry style and Olaplex no1 and no2.

2h 15m 125,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial Balayage/ Foilage

Natural painted on highlights. This special technique is for a guest that wants highlights but not the maintenance of traditional highlighting. This services come with olaplex no 1 and no2. This service comes with a blow dry style.

2h 30m 150,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial Baby lights

This service is a partial heavy highlight with minimal leave out. This comes with a shadow root and toner. This service also comes with olaplex no1 and 2 along with a blow dry style.

2h 45m 175,00 $ Забронировать

Full Highlights

Add dimension and brightness to you entire hair. This service comes with olaplex no 1 and no 2. This service comes with a blow dry.

3h 200,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Balayage/foilage

This service comes with Olaplex no 1 and

3h 225,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Baby lights

This is a heavy full foil highlight with minimal leave out. Shadow root , toner comes with this service along with olaplex 1 and 2 , and a blow dry style.

3h 30m 250,00 $ Забронировать


Ombré queen! This European technic is great for clients on a budget. With darker roots and brighter ends this hair color has little to no maintenance .

2h 220,00 $+ Забронировать


This service includes root touch up, foilage, and balayage. This is the Hollywood go-to.

3h 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Platinum maintenance package

3h 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Color Correction

Did you just go through a horrible color job? Or maybe you thought you could save a few bucks and color your hair at home and it was a no-go. Have no fear Danyel Nicole is here lol. This process is by consultation only. Don't walk around with color you hate. In my chair anything can been fixed!

2h 200,00 $+ Забронировать


Pre-Purchase Brazillian Blow Out

All pre purchases must book under this service in order to receive your discounts

2h 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Brazilian Blowout- Short hair

The only hair smoothing Keratin treatment. Walk in with damaged frizzy hair leave with soft frizz free hair. This treatment can last up to 4 months. Perfect hair in 90 mins:)

1h 30m 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Brazilian Blowout- Medium

The only hair smoothing Keratin treatment. Walk in with damaged frizzy hair leave with soft frizz free hair. This treatment can last up to 4 months. Perfect hair in 90 mins:)

1h 30m 350,00 $+ Забронировать

Brazilian Blowout- Long Hair

The only hair smoothing Keratin treatment. Walk in with damaged frizzy hair leave with soft frizz free hair. This treatment can last up to 4 months. Perfect hair in 90 mins:

1h 30m 400,00 $+ Забронировать

Trissola short

1h 30m 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Trissola medium

1h 30m 350,00 $+ Забронировать

Trissola Long

2h 400,00 $+ Забронировать

Relaxer Retouch

Price doesn't include wash and styling

30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Virgin Relaxer

This price doesn't include wash blow dry style, or trim

45m 85,00 $+ Забронировать


This doesn't include wash and Blow-dry.

30m 65,00 $+ Забронировать

Japanese Straightening

This is an hourly rate for this service.

1h 125,00 $+ Забронировать


Sew-in maintenance

1h 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Glue In Per Track

Want a few tracks and don't have time to sew it in. This is the service for you! This doesn't include cut and style.

30m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Glue in (Quick weave)

This is for the girl that wants a quick Style that last up to 2 weeks. This comes with a wash, set, install cut and style.

1h 150,00 $+ Забронировать

Sew-in Per Track

Want fuller longer hair but don't want to feel the bulk of a partial or full sewin. I have designed this technique to look just like a full head with out the bulk and less time.

1h 60,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial Sew-in

2h 30m 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Sew In

Have the look you want and it last 3-4 months. My technique is natural and leaves you with a Hollywood look. Growing your hair out or want to escape your daily routine then this is for you.

3h 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Sew-in with Hair

This service includes up to 2.5 bundles of Virgin Unprocessed hair Up to 18'. This service also includes install, cut and style.

3h 500,00 $+ Забронировать

Lace Full Sew in

Lace Closures are the Next level of the sew-in trend. It is get you the versatility to wear your weave with any part or style. Can't find the perfect closure no worries I have silk hair closures and it comes in many textures to fit your look.

2h 30m 400,00 $+ Забронировать

Lace Sew-in with hair

Choose between Brazilian, Persian,or Indian Hair. This hair is best quality, no shedding, can be colored and in many different textures. This service include up to 3 bundles of hair and a closure. This serve is for 18' and less 20' and longer is a $50 extra charge.

3h 600,00 $+ Забронировать

Lace Front wig/ with hair

This is a custom created lace Frontal unit. You choose length, texture and type of hair. This service includes cut and style of your unit!

2h 30m 750,00 $+ Забронировать

Extenstion removal

This price is per hour and is apply to any clients extenstions I did not put in.

1h 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Goddess Braids

This price is per Braid.

15m 25,00 $+ Забронировать


Hair extenstion consultation

Before your first fitting you need a to book a consultation. I answer any questions about the service, choose the hair color and texture, and order your Perfect hair! The $30.00 will go towards your Hair extenstions.

30m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Micro link hair extension removal

1h 100,00 $ Забронировать

V for volume maintenance

45m 75,00 $ Забронировать

v for volume reinstall

45m 100,00 $ Забронировать

14” Micro-link/ I-tip Hair extenstion

This is per bundle 25 pieces. For volume you will need 2-3 bundles. For full head 5-6 bundles. This is determined during your consultation. If it’s your first time please book consultation first.

45m 175,00 $+ Забронировать

18” Micro-link/I-tip hair extensions

This is per bundle 25 pieces. For volume you will need 2-3 bundles. For full head 5-6 bundles. This is determined during your consultation. If it’s your first time please book consultation first.

45m 200,00 $+ Забронировать

22” Micro-link/I-tip Hair extenstion

This is per bundle 25 pieces. For volume you will need 2-3 bundles. For full head 5-6 bundles. This is determined during your consultation. If it’s your first time please book consultation first.

45m 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua micro PL 4-6 weeks maintenance

1h 30m 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua micro GL 4-6 week maintenance

2h 150,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua Micro PDL 6-8 week maintenance

This service is for my pink diamond level micro link extension 6-8 week maintenance.

2h 30m 200,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua micro 4 month maintenance pl

3h 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua micro 4 month maintenance GL

3h 350,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua micro 4 month maintenance PDL

4h 400,00 $+ Забронировать

Aqua extensions take out

1h 30m 75,00 $ Забронировать


Dream Catchers consultation

30m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Dream Catchers Hair Extentions per Bundle 20"

Have you always wanted strand by stand Hair Extension but not the damage they can sometime leave? Well this is a non-damaging process that you can even reuse the hair. Dream Catchers has the best quality human hair. Go for your Dreams! This service is by consultation only!

30m 225,00 $+ Забронировать

Dream Catchers 4-5 bundle 4-8 weekMaintenance

This service is for Dream Catcher clients only. Come in and I will move up your dream catcher cylinders do its like having them look like new!

2h 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Dream catchers 6-7 bundle 4-8 week maintenance

2h 150,00 $+ Забронировать

Dream Catchers 8-10 bundle 4-8 week maintenance

2h 30m 200,00 $+ Забронировать

Dream catcher reinstall session

3h 300,00 $+ Забронировать


14” tape extensions

This service is for the initial install. This is pricing for full head of tape extenstion. Please book a consultation prior to this appointment.

1h 30m 600,00 $+ Забронировать

18” tape hair extensions

This service is for the initial install. This is pricing for full head of tape extenstion. Please book a consultation prior to this appointment.

1h 30m 700,00 $+ Забронировать

Tape extensions 20”

This service is for the initial install. This is pricing for full head of tape extenstion. Please book a consultation prior to this appointment.

1h 30m 800,00 $+ Забронировать

22” tape hair extensions

This service is for the initial install. This is pricing for full head of tape extenstion. Please book a consultation prior to this appointment.

1h 30m 875,00 $+ Забронировать

Tape extensions maintenance

This serves is for clients with tape Hair extenstions. This service should be every 6-8 weeks.

2h 200,00 $+ Забронировать

Tape-in Removal

This is an hourly rate to remove the hair extension. Blow dry style is not included.

1h 100,00 $ Забронировать

Keratin Fusion Hair extensions

Aqua 14” Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

45m 200,00 $ Забронировать

Aqua 18” Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

45m 225,00 $ Забронировать

Aqua 22” Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions

45m 250,00 $ Забронировать

Keratin Fusion service

This service doesn’t include hair and is an hourly rate. Danyel Nicole beauty Inc is not responsible for hair with this service.

1h 100,00 $ Забронировать

Keratin Fusion Removal

1h 75,00 $ Забронировать

Hand-tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extension install

2h 175,00 $+ Забронировать


Holiday Glam Special airbrushing make-up and style

look glam in 45 mins with this Holiday special. Have your hair curled and airbrush away all the imperfections on your face. Look flawless in less then an hour!!

45m 99,00 $+ Забронировать

Wash and style 6 pack

Over 15% savings when buying in bundle

15m 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Wash and Style Package 3 pack

Buy in bundle and save.

15m 165,00 $+ Забронировать


Just the eyes

This is for client on the go and want a smoky eye or spruce up. Add lashes to any service for $15

15m 40,00 $+ Забронировать

Basic Make-up Application

Going out? Need to be picture perfect? Or just want a quick make-up lesson. Look amazing and learn how to enhance your best features.

30m 85,00 $+ Забронировать

Custom AirBrushing Make-up

Look flawless with Airbrushing Make-up. Picture perfect airbrush away your years and have a Hollywood glow!! Airbrushing make-up comes with strip eyelashes.

2h 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Wedding trial

30m 85,00 $+ Забронировать

Bridal Make-up

Its your special day look your absolute best with Danyel Nicole Beauty. Danyel Nicole will customize your make-up to enhance your best features and make you picture perfect all day. When you look back at your wedding photo you will be glad you choose Danyel to be apart of your special day.

1h 175,00 $+ Забронировать

Bridal Party

30m 95,00 $+ Забронировать

Photo shoots or any special event

By consultation only.

30m меняется Забронировать

Lash Strips

15m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

Holiday airbrushing make-up and hair style

Look glam in 30 mins. Have flawless make-up and hair for a great price

30m 125,00 $+ Забронировать



15m 10,00 $+ Забронировать

Eye Brow

15m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Face

30m 50,00 $+ Забронировать

hair line

15m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

side burns

15m 10,00 $+ Забронировать

$200 pre-purchase keratin treatment

5m 200,00 $ Забронировать

Groupon 1 treatment for 125

5m 125,00 $ Забронировать

Pre-paid keratin 2 pack treatment

5m 249,00 $ Забронировать

Cyber sale keratin treatments

This is only available at a select time of the year.

5m 175,00 $+ Забронировать

Cyber sale 2 treatments

5m 300,00 $+ Забронировать

Cyber sale 3 keratin treatments

5m 425,00 $+ Забронировать

Cyber sale 4 treatments

5m 550,00 $+ Забронировать

Cyber sale keratin 5 or more

5m 125,00 $+ Забронировать

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Отзывы (73)

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  1. Kelly avatar

    Kelly A.

    Danyel is truly a master of all the things I love 😍 extension, color, service, style, on trend care and technique. Five star all day. Brazilian blow out, dreamcatchers and balayage color.

  2. Amrita avatar

    Amrita B.

    I found Danyel through a Groupon almost a year ago and I am SO glad I did! The natural texture of my hair sucks and I've tried all sorts of semi-permanent straightening methods over the years (japanese bonding, keratin, brazilian blowout) and NOTHING compares to the magic that Danyel has worked on my hair with her brazilian blowouts. She recommended trying a different version of it and the results were not only amazing, but lasted much much longer than any previous treatment which is LIFE CHANGING since it cuts down my getting ready time from over an hour to under thirty minutes. Amazing. And if that's not enough, last night I went in for my bridal hair and makeup trial. It's supposed to be a two hour appointment but Danyel new I wasn't entirely committed to a certain look, so instead she spent FOUR HOURS starting from a base and building on it to achieve a look that is perfect! All this while being two months away from delivering her baby!! I hate making small talk and used to dread getting my hair done but with Danyel, I didn't even notice how much time has passed because she's so easy to talk to. She's funny and a straight shooter. Best of all, she always bothers to educate you about your hair and what's best for it and never hawks any products, which is a refreshing change. I can't say enough good things and I highly recommend Danyel!

  3. Christina avatar

    Christina O.

    What a wonderful experience! I went into Danyel with my hair too long and straggly and roots galore. I came out with perfect color and a cut that is exactly right . Everyone I work with is saying “wow your hair looks so healthy!” On top of great results, I had a great time with Danyel and can’t wait to go back!

  4. Jaimie avatar

    Jaimie E.

    I love love love danyel! Her skills are amazing and her environment is so chill. Her work is incredible!! Lets just say she saved my life!! Before and after pics

  5. Maria avatar

    Maria B.


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