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The Chop Shop
2129 South Glenburnie rd suite 12, Suite 12, New Bern, NC, 28562
224 отзывов

The Chop Shop

2129 South Glenburnie rd suite 12, Suite 12, New Bern, NC, 28562


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    • Fade

    • Fade

    • Fade with beard trim


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224 отзывов
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Ian O…

окт. 14, 2020
The Chop Shop never disappoints! Always a great atmosphere and never disappointed with the cuts they provide.

Kyle W…

окт. 14, 2020
Great staff, Tim took great care and time do line everything up right. Also cool shop and enjoyable time. Will definitely be back.

Richard C…

окт. 8, 2020
Best barbershop in town

Chris B…

окт. 1, 2020
Very satisfied with the cut and atmosphere

Caleb S…

сент. 25, 2020
G does a great fade and super welcoming atmosphere

Tommy M…

сент. 24, 2020
The Chop Shop is absolutely the best place in New Bern to get a haircut. I have been getting my hair cut from Giovanni for the last two years after going to the same barber for over 20 years. Never thought I would switch, but have no regrets.

Ricky M…

сент. 17, 2020
G and Tim best barbers in New Bern no questions asked.When you walk into The Chop Shop you feel welcomed and when you sit down on the chair they get to work and cut what you ask for best fades in town Tim&G thank you homies 💯👌🏼

Kyle A…

сент. 11, 2020
Tim and G are the best in town. I have been getting haircuts for the last nine years and only one has been better. I have had a lot of “haircuts” but this place is a true barber shop. Tim is the man, the myth, and absolute legend.

Louis T…

сент. 4, 2020
Great atmosphere, laid back atmosphere, professional and friendly staff. Tom is great. I will be back.

kyle s…

сент. 1, 2020
He’s the cutest

Gregg K…

авг. 23, 2020
Tom is the man and Giovanni was very welcoming. Haircut looks great

Dakota B…

авг. 13, 2020

Joshua A…

авг. 12, 2020
Everyone is so professional and friendly.

Florian D…

авг. 8, 2020
Great haircut and good conversation! I didn’t have to wait. Reasonable price. Very professional.

Michael L…

авг. 5, 2020
Great and talented barbers! They make you feel like you’ve been coming there for years. Highly recommended! Tell everyone about The Chop Shop!

Kenneth M…

июль 30, 2020
Atmosphere is great. I was a little intimidated to go since I haven’t been to a barber in years. Tim and Giovanni made me feel like I was at home and offered some great suggestions on what to do with my hair. I’ll definitely be back!

Jesus C…

июль 29, 2020

James J…

июль 24, 2020
Tim did a great job. I will be back.

Candice P…

июль 21, 2020

Richard M…

июль 16, 2020
The chop shop is awesome. Great barbers and atmosphere.
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