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64 Kukui Street, Unit 3, Wahiawa, 96786
203 отзывов


64 Kukui Street, Unit 3, Wahiawa, 96786


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203 отзывов
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Davonnetay B…

март 13, 2020
Dope as always. 💪🏾

Patrick S…

март 7, 2020
Creating masterpieces great cut

Turaj B…

март 7, 2020
Great barber
Отвечено: март 7, 2020
Thanks 🤙🏽

John M…

март 6, 2020
Always blesses my head 🙏🏼🔥
Отвечено: март 7, 2020
thanks man 🙏🏾

Javonne S…

март 4, 2020
Already know
Отвечено: март 4, 2020
Thanks bro 🤙🏽

Derius B…

февр. 29, 2020
I didn’t notice it right away but my wife told me my lineup was crooked and my mustache was uneven. It might of just been a bad day for dude idk but it was my first time there
Отвечено: март 4, 2020
Is it based strictly off of what your wife said or is it really crooked? If it is ill refund you. Ill just need a picture to confirm. Also for you and anyone else who reads this review, these are the type of things the barber wants to know when he hands you the mirror. Please take the time to look at your haircut. Dont go get in your car to look or wait till you get home. Something this simple can be corrected. Thanks for the review.

Ken B…

февр. 21, 2020
He was A-1 expected nothing less from these guys him and Keem

Simone D…

февр. 10, 2020
Good quality barber; takes his time.. very detailed. My new barber for sure!

Tristan W…

февр. 8, 2020
Great cut!

Brandon T…

февр. 5, 2020
Fantastic cut without a doubt!!!

Will W…

февр. 3, 2020
Great Cut and cool vibes 10/10

Nicholas F…

янв. 28, 2020
Perfect haircut

Julian B…

янв. 26, 2020
Very professional

brandon c…

янв. 25, 2020
my girlfriend tried sucking my meat while i was driving after this cut...p o w e r f u l

Zack H…

янв. 18, 2020
Best cut I had in years 👌🏾

Jordan S…

янв. 16, 2020
Best hair cut since I’ve been on the island.

Gilbert D…

янв. 13, 2020
Great barbershop they know what you want and they never disappoint been a loyal customer for almost a year now would recommend for anyone wanting a fresh look

Gary M…

янв. 10, 2020
My guy knows exactly what hes doing even when you dont...he is a true master of his craft

Kevin M…

дек. 28, 2019
I’ve been looking for a local barber since I’ve been on island. Christopher really knows what he’s doing glad I came across him on Booksy. Will definitely be coming back regularly

Tereena B…

дек. 25, 2019
My son’s first time in a barber shop and he cried the entire time according to his dad but Christopher had patience with him. And both of their hair cuts look good.
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