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Gio The Master Barber
3006 S. 27th Ave, Lv's Barbershop, Minneapolis, 55406
142 отзывов

Gio The Master Barber

3006 S. 27th Ave, Lv's Barbershop, Minneapolis, 55406


    • Regular Haircut

      All even,fades,tapers
      $ 20.00
    • Men style haircuts

      Comb over, mohawk
      $ 25.00
    • Haircut and Beard

      Line up with clippers and razor
      $ 30.00
    • Hot towel and straight razor shave

      2 hot towel and 1 cold towel
      $ 20.00
    • Beard trim

      Clippers and razor
      $ 10.00
    • Kids haircut

      $ 15.00
    • Black mask $5 and up

      $ 5.00
    • Hot towel shave and Facial Massage

      $ 40.00
    • Haircut with black mask

      $ 30.00

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142 отзывов
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Manny O…

дек. 17, 2019
Clean and really good service and Gio is an artist.

Kevin G…

янв. 10, 2020
I went in for just a simple high bald fade, nothing big just the usual but the way my hair was on top was not going along with the fade. Gio recommended to cut the top by a bit and I listened, hair looks even better than what it would’ve came out ...

McClelland L…

янв. 18, 2020
Always a great cut from Gio, his straight razor shave and beard trims are on point too. I've tried a number of places around St. Paul and LV's is by far the best, I won't be going anywhere else

Isaiah F…

янв. 17, 2020
Great haircut, recommend to anyone who needs a great barber.

Frank W…

нояб. 25, 2019
Musica In Espanol.

Yazmin R…

дек. 31, 2019
It was our first time with Gio and I brought my one year old to get his haircut. Gio is a really great barber, he had a lot of patience with my son. He truly is THE MASTER BARBER 💈 GRACIAS GIO.


янв. 4, 2020
Gio is the best barber in town. I told him exactly what I wanted for a haircut, and he stayed on point. Highly recommend him.

Dre J…

янв. 16, 2020
Good barber

Dillon F…

янв. 5, 2020
Gio is a great guy and fun to talk to while getting a haircut. He's style conscious and makes good recomendations.

Noah A…

дек. 4, 2019
Geo is quite simply the best barber I have ever been to. His skill, care, artistry, and effort have been consistent every time I have visited him. He puts a lot of effort into what he does which is crucial. You should consider giving him a try. Un...

Ian V…

янв. 11, 2020
Gio always get me fresh and always gives great service

Rafael B…

янв. 4, 2020
Gio did a stellar job. Gracias, Gio!

Tiffany P…

окт. 31, 2019
Best cut ever!

Marion S…

дек. 21, 2019
Gio does a great job and knows what he’s doing! Thank you for another great haircut just before the holidays!

Frank W…

окт. 26, 2019

Alexander M…

окт. 24, 2019
Best barber in MN

Anil A…

дек. 4, 2019
Gio- MD PhD, Doctor of Barbering. Truly talented and I don’t go anywhere else 💯🔥🔥

Sergio A…

дек. 8, 2019
Excellent services excellent guy thank you bro...

Yahir M…

дек. 11, 2019
Highly recommended

Erick B…

нояб. 19, 2019
Gio is AMAZING!! He is always looking out for his clients and making sure, they are satisfied. Always looking forward to getting a haircut.
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