Urban Bella Salon & Spa
Urban Bella Salon & Spa
Urban Bella Salon & Spa
Urban Bella Salon & Spa

Urban Bella Salon and Spa is a relatively new beauty destination in Conway, Florida. Here, we've created a welcoming environment that’s focused on providing high quality services that meet and surpass the styling needs of every customer. In short, we do anything and everything to meet your expectations. And we offer a large variety of styling options to make sure that's always the case. At Urban Bella Salon and Spa, we want our customers to set trends, instead of following them. So we also offer an unmatched level of skill and technique, especially when it comes to performing hard to find styling techniques, and we only use quality products, during our sessions. Here, we can accommodate a wide variety of requests from youthful bob haircuts to fashion forward coloring. For more information, please feel free to contact our stylists directly, as we do not always answer the salon phone, which can prevent us from giving a client all of our undivided attention.

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5m   Забронировать


Cut & Style

45m 40,00 $+ Забронировать


30m 12,00 $+ Забронировать

wet cut and style

30m 28,00 $+ Забронировать

cut and style no no shampoo

30m 35,00 $+ Забронировать


30m 20,00 $+ Забронировать

Blow Out

30m 30,00 $+ Забронировать


Men's Color and Cut

1h 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Color and Cut and Style

1h 30m 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Shadow root

1h 30m 75,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Length Color and Cut

1h 30m 110,00 $+ Забронировать

Color/ Partial High Light/ and Cut

2h 155,00 $+ Забронировать

Color/ Crown High Light/ and Cut

2h 125,00 $+ Забронировать

Color/ Full Foil High light/ Cut and Style

2h 30m 185,00 $+ Забронировать

Color Retouch

1h 30m 65,00 $+ Забронировать

Color Pull Thru

1h 30m 90,00 $+ Забронировать

Block color

2h 30m 125,00 $+ Забронировать

Specialty Color Trends

2h 30m 125,00 $+ Забронировать


1h 30m 70,00 $+ Забронировать


30m 15,00 $+ Забронировать


Crown High Light

1h 30m 65,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial Foil

1h 30m 85,00 $ Забронировать

Full Foil

2h 30m 105,00 $ Забронировать

Crown High Light and Cut

1h 30m 95,00 $+ Забронировать

Partial High Light and Cut

2h 115,00 $+ Забронировать

Full Foil High Light and Cut

2h 135,00 $+ Забронировать



1h 30m 100,00 $ Забронировать

Cold Fusion

2h 30m 500,00 $ Забронировать


Customized Facial

Say goodbye to outdated cookie-cutter treatments! This skin treatment is designed and customized throughout to meet your exact skin’s needs.

30m 40,00 $+ Забронировать

Customized Facial

Say goodbye to outdated cookie-cutter treatments! This skin treatment is designed and customized throughout to meet your exact skin’s needs.

50m 59,00 $+ Забронировать

Raspberry Peach Facial

This facial is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging facial for all skin types. It contains only fruit enzymes, with no acids added. Safe for everyone including pregnant women, sensitive skin, and rosacea.

50m 59,00 $ Забронировать

Noni Pear/Cherry Peel

Super firming and resurfacing treatment that is packed with essential ingredients to stimulate collagen/reduce appearance of large pores. No down time like traditional peels.

50m 75,00 $ Забронировать

CBD enhancement

Enhance any facial or body treatment with a Therapeutic pain relief treatment. Rich cocoa butter formula conditions and soothes aches and pains with high potency CBD oil. Eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile oils, soothe irration; calming the mind and body.

5m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Special package

1h меняется Забронировать

Age Defying Facial

Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate and energize.

50m 64,00 $ Забронировать


Reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, uneven skin tone and stimulate production of collagen, creating a smoother appearance.

50m 75,00 $ Забронировать

Microderm Deluxe

Microdermabrasion with sound wave technology to tone muscles and increase blood circulation.

50m 115,00 $ Забронировать

Back Facial

Good for back acne and blackheads. This treatment includes thorough cleansing of your back, gentle exfoliation, extractions, relaxing massage with a customized mask.

30m 49,00 $ Забронировать

Digital Detox Treatment

55m 59,00 $ Забронировать

Glow and Go

Need Glowing skin in a flash? Enjoy a professional double cleanse, exfoliation followed by added hydration.

10m 15,00 $ Забронировать

eye treatment

Customized eye treatment during your facial

10m 15,00 $ Забронировать

hand treatment

Dry aged hands? Enjoy a relaxing customized hand treatment during your facial.

5m 15,00 $+ Забронировать



15m 10,00 $ Забронировать


10m 7,00 $ Забронировать


10m 7,00 $ Забронировать

Full Face

30m 18,00 $ Забронировать


Brazilian Blow Out

A smoothing system that shortens the blow dry time by 50% and takes the frizz and extreme curl out. It does not remove all curl, just relaxes and improves styling time and results and shine

3h 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Keratin Treatment

3h 175,00 $+ Забронировать

Super Silk

1h 30m 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Super Silk Add On

30m 35,00 $+ Забронировать

Signature Packages

Bella Express Package

Please contact our Esthetician, Tami at 352.223.0310 to book.

1h 5m 69,00 $ Забронировать


3h 189,00 $+ Забронировать


2h 149,00 $+ Забронировать


4h 30m 299,00 $ Забронировать

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  1. Jimary avatar

    Jimary M.


  2. Jennifer avatar

    Jennifer L.

    Tami was very pleasant and she did and excellent job! Very relaxing and my skin felt great!

  3. Maggie Rose avatar

    Maggie Rose .

    Great vibes—comfy salon. Staff is awesome! Best spot in Conway.

  4. Jonathan Porter avatar

    Jonathan Porter .

    Wonderful atomosphere, wonderful people, the prices are incredible and the work is even better.

  5. Sheena Hesson avatar

    Sheena Hesson .

    Awesome, caring, and loving people. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Katie ia an amazing stylist.


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