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2735 white plains rd, Thecutspot, Bronx, 10467
19 отзывов


2735 white plains rd, Thecutspot, Bronx, 10467


    • Haircut

      $ 25.00
    • Woman style

      $ 20.00+
    • Line Up

      $ 15.00
    • Kid style

      $ 15.00+

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19 отзывов
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Janes T…

нояб. 11, 2019
Once again, Chris did it. His attention to detail is his superpower.

Ti J…

дек. 5, 2019
One of the best

Teddy H…

дек. 5, 2019

Ed B…

нояб. 16, 2019
I’ve been going to Chris for years, I concluded he’s the best barber in the Bronx! Never a bad cut always does my hair just like I like it!

Alvin L…

нояб. 27, 2019
One of the best barber in the field fresh! And modern styles haircuts.

Dr. Markell J…

нояб. 25, 2019
Always outstanding service

LaToya R…

нояб. 1, 2019
Chris is a dope barber. My son has been getting his hair cut by Chris since he was 5 and now my 2 grown nephews and husband get their hair cuts by him too.

Blah S…

нояб. 23, 2019

Andrew L…

нояб. 17, 2019
Excellent barber, very detailed.

Janes T…

нояб. 11, 2019
I’ve had four cuts from Chris! All dope. Best cuts I’ve ever had.

Eric R…

окт. 26, 2019
Been getting my haircut by Chris for over 5 years, Haircut always comes out the way I want it and Chris is always professional. Highly recommended!

Ant S…

окт. 21, 2019
~ Great barber, he knows what he’s doing. He knows what intrigues and how to professional cut hair. His equipment is well clean and working without leaving a scar.

Daniel M…

нояб. 14, 2019
Great Barbshop

Joel J…

нояб. 10, 2019
Some of the best barbers in the Bronx

Shaniqua G…

окт. 11, 2019
Today Chris taught my son about grooming his hair and I really appreciated it. As a widowed single mom sometimes I don’t know how to help him from a mans point of view. As always my son’s hair looks amazing.

Virgil H…

нояб. 12, 2019
Excellent barber

Mook C…

нояб. 12, 2019
Great barber

Shawn J…

нояб. 3, 2019
Chris is a VERY SKILLED BARBER!!! Always on the job!!!

Louis L…

нояб. 8, 2019
Coming out like a new guy