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Rene hasrel @ Tribes Barber Studios
8187B university ave, Tribes barber studios, Spring Lake Park, 55432
100 отзывов

Rene hasrel @ Tribes Barber Studios

8187B university ave, Tribes barber studios, Spring Lake Park, 55432


    • In house calls/after& before hrs services

      $ 70.00+
    • Haircut and color

      $ 80.00

  • Men’s Haircut

    • Standard Haircut (Includes Razor Line)

      $ 30.00
    • Haircut With Beard Trim & hot towel

      $ 35.00
    • Men reg cut

      $ 25.00
    • Line Up/Beard Trim

      $ 15.00

  • Women’s Haircut

    • Women reg cut

      $ 30.00
    • Women cut & color $ design

      $ 80.00

  • Kids Haircut (10yrs old up)

    • Regular Kids Haircut

      $ 20.00
    • Kids cut with design

      $ 25.00

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100 отзывов
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Christopher B…

янв. 23, 2020
Didn't take long to cut my hair and it looks really good

Kassim M…

янв. 9, 2020
This is the best barber I have ever met

Dexter L…

дек. 24, 2019
I love the customer service and the guy is good. Nice haircut and the shop is clean and entertaining. Keep it up Rene hasrel.

Samuel S…

янв. 3, 2020
Excellent service. Very satisfying.

Dauda K…

дек. 29, 2019
They’re awesome

Constance C…

дек. 21, 2019
Nice cut bro

Henock M…

дек. 21, 2019
It was amazing!

Himmie W…

дек. 15, 2019
You the best hand in the mid West

Himmie W…

дек. 13, 2019
Am so impressed with you brother

Mi’Chael W…

окт. 25, 2019
Rene is amazing! I showed him a picture of what I wanted and he made it look 10x better and added some of his own flair! It is super clean and neat. I love it. He is also such a genuinely nice guy and is constantly making sure you are good durin...

Nur m…

янв. 18, 2020
Excellent barber. Definitely gonna return.

Theboysbeautifulmom G…

дек. 23, 2019
Rene is the best in town hands down, he is very professional and good with the kids. He does an exceptional job on my boys head, am always happy when i take the boys to get their hair cut. Try him out guys u will not be disappointed.

Antonio J…

нояб. 16, 2019
Bro nice with the clippers

Moses G…

нояб. 7, 2019
What a perfect cut man I love this guys give that good look for girls

Marsalis D…

янв. 4, 2020
Master with clippers was my first time going to bro and won’t be my last I truly believe he should charge more for his work

Bill J…

нояб. 8, 2019
Excellent service. Make me look young.

jordan m…

дек. 21, 2019
Rene service is 5 star. He pays careful attention to each persons hair texture. He knows what haircut will look good for you. He is efficient yet still pays attention to detail.

coly s…

янв. 15, 2020
He is the greatest I know

Kokou D…

нояб. 5, 2019
Appreciate! I love it

David N…

янв. 6, 2020
He's one of the best, no doubt...
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