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I grew up working in the nail industry. And I'm happy to share that experience at Fresh Nail Bar, where I provide a variety of different nail services to help my clients prepare for a host of occasions. I'm an expert when it comes to pastel inspired nails for spring events. But I can also keep it nice and simple with neutral coloring and marble dipping powder. I also specialize in a number of different nail shapes, such as coffin, stiletto, or almond—the possibilities are endless, just like my level of appreciation for my clients. So, book an appointment today!

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Gel Fullset

Gel polish

1h 35,00 $+ Забронировать

Gel Fill-in

Gel polish

1h 27,00 $+ Забронировать


Regular polish

1h 25,00 $+ Забронировать


Regular polish

45m 17,00 $+ Забронировать

Ombré Fullset

1h 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Ombré Fill-in

1 color

45m 20,00 $+ Забронировать

Ombré Fill-in

2 colors

1h 40,00 $+ Забронировать


Add on

5m 5,00 $ Забронировать

Soak off

15m 5,00 $ Забронировать

Dip Powder


On natural nails

1h 30,00 $+ Забронировать


With tips

1h 35,00 $+ Забронировать

White tip overlay

1h 35,00 $+ Забронировать

White tip Fullset

With tips

1h 40,00 $+ Забронировать

Soak off

15m бесплатно Забронировать


5m 5,00 $ Забронировать

Nail Art

2 hand design

5m 6,00 $ Забронировать

2 nail partially rhinestones

10m 10,00 $+ Забронировать

2 nail w/ all rhinestones

15m 20,00 $ Забронировать

4 hand designs

15m 12,00 $+ Забронировать

Hand designs on 8-10 nails

30m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

Hand designs w/ rhinestones on 8-10 nails

40m 25,00 $+ Забронировать


Classic Pedicure

Salted foot bath, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, heel scrub, and lotion massage. Finish with choice of color.

30m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Fresh Pedicure

Includes classic pedicure plus callus remover and 10 mins salt scrub and lotion massage. Finish with cooling gel and choice of color.

40m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Deluxe Pedicure

Enrich with the most natural and refreshing key ingredients to keep your feet fresh and clean. The special pedicure includes the follow: -scented sea salt soak -10mins sugar scrub and therapeutic lotion massage -mud mask with hot towel and choice of color

50m 40,00 $ Забронировать

Add gel polish to pedicure

10m 12,00 $ Забронировать


Gel Manicure

40m 25,00 $ Забронировать

Classic Manicure

15m 12,00 $ Забронировать

Fresh Manicure

Includes the classic manicure plus 10mins salt scrub and lotion massage. Finish with a hot towel and choice of color

30m 22,00 $ Забронировать



10m 8,00 $ Забронировать

Upper lips

5m 5,00 $ Забронировать


5m 5,00 $ Забронировать


10m 8,00 $ Забронировать

Whole Face

20m 25,00 $ Забронировать

Half Arm

25m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Full Arm

35m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Under Arm

20m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Half Leg

35m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Full Leg

50m 45,00 $ Забронировать

Additional Services


30m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Gel polish change

30m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Polish change/ French Hands

15m 8,00 $+ Забронировать

Polish change/ French Toes

15m 10,00 $+ Забронировать

Cut down/ file/ buff Hands

10m 5,00 $ Забронировать

Cut down/ file/ buff Toes

10m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Removal Acrylic/ dip/ gel

15m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Paffin Wax Hands

5m 6,00 $ Забронировать

Paffin Wax Toes

5m 8,00 $ Забронировать

Nail Repair

5m 3,00 $+ Забронировать

2 Big Toes Acrylic

10m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Little Hands & Feet


10m 8,00 $ Забронировать


15m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Polish Only

5m 5,00 $ Забронировать


5m 2,00 $+ Забронировать


10m 12,00 $+ Забронировать

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Отзывы (91)

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  1. Tatiana avatar

    Tatiana R.

    Everyone who works here is so friendly, super professional and overall great. I love my nails and I’ll definitely be coming back again! :)

  2. Nikki avatar

    Nikki W.

    I Needed a new place for my nails as the place I usually go my girl is almost always booked . I am super picky with my nails .. shape and all .. I found Fresh Nail Bar on Booksy .. it had great reviews, so I decided to try it.. MiMi’s name was mentioned in many reviews so I chose her for my appointment. The salon is very clean and I was greeted right away . I talked to her about my nails and brought a photo of what was wanting (shape color) . Our conversation was fun and the time passed quickly, I like chatting when I get my nails done instead of awkward silence. To say she nailed it is exactly that !!! I was very happy With my dip nails and I will be going back to her from now on for my nails ! I would highly recommend this nail salon .

  3. Stephanie avatar

    Stephanie F.

    Very sweet and talented. Never experienced a better service. One week in and I put my nails through hell...but they look great with no lifting. Super happy customer.

  4. Yaribel avatar

    Yaribel Z.

    Loved the work and the service provided!

  5. Kallie avatar

    Kallie V.

    Amazing job! Love Mimi’s work. Can’t wait to make another appointment.

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