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Kaytered Stylez
4306 Moss St, Lafayette, 70507
18 отзывов

Kaytered Stylez

4306 Moss St, Lafayette, 70507


    • Uninstall Sew In

    • Natural Part Sew in

    • Full Sew in w/ Lace Closure

    • Full sew in w/frontal

    • Sew in maintenance (tighten)

    • Pin Curls

    • Silk Press (12&under)

    • Silk Press

    • Wash & Flat Iron w/closure maintenance

    • Wash & Flat Iron

    • Quick Weave Bob

    • Quick Weave

    • Quick Weave (27 piece)

    • Quick Weave (27 piece w/bang)

    • Relaxer

    • Crochet

    • Small box braids

    • Medium Box braids

    • Jumbo box braids

    • Large box braids

    • Layer Feed ins

    • Feed in braids (5 or less)

    • Feed ins w/skinny braids

    • Feed ins w/ box braids

    • Feed ins /ponytail

    • Braided ponytail

    • Natural style

    • Full Color

    • Partial Highlights

    • Highlights

    • Haircut

    • Treatment

    • Add on Treatment

    • Add on Trim

    • Eyebrow Arch

    • Eyebrow Fill in

    • Eyebrow Arch w/ fill in

    • Eyelash strip

    • Eyelash (individuals)

    • Eyebrow Arch, fill in and eyelash strip

    • Eyebrow Arch, fill in, eyelash (individuals)

    • Eyebrow wax

    • Full facial wax (eyebrows, upper lip, & chin)

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18 отзывов
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Crystal S…

окт. 6, 2018
Wonderful job!! My two daughter’s hair was beautiful!!
Отвечено: окт. 6, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thank you so much... it was a pleasure... i hope they enjoyed their night

Monique T…

сент. 14, 2018

Simone B…

авг. 21, 2018
Love love love my hair! I asked and she delivered. Very professional and booking again and soon.
Отвечено: авг. 22, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx a bunch hunni ... It was my pleasure.... I aim to please... See you soon😍

Querria B…

авг. 6, 2018
Always coming out the Hair Shop looking Beautiful!!!!
Отвечено: авг. 6, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx hunni glad i could help... thanx for trusting Kaytered Stylez

Brittany T…

июль 20, 2018
You did a awesome job my daughter love it
Отвечено: июль 20, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanks a bunch and thank you for allowing me to do her hair... she was an angel😍

Lizzie M…

июль 14, 2018
I love comming by Kayla to do my hair you always feel welcome and she take her time and lay your hair and she always honest I love her work❤️❤️❤️❤️
Отвечено: июль 14, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thank u soooo much hunni.... its my job to make sure your satisfied and im glad im able to provide you with everything you expect.... even better things are coming soon😍

Mel B…

июнь 26, 2018
Kayla ALWAYS comes thru for me. I am still learning how to take care of my hair and when I reach out to Kayla she never lets me down. Thank you for all you do!
Отвечено: июль 14, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx a bunch hunni.... I promise to continue for as long as God allows me to😍😍😍

Joycelyn B…

май 6, 2018
She does an awesome job and very professional 😍😍
Отвечено: май 7, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx my love i try to be because without you guys there is no me.... Thanx for trusting me with your hair😍😍😍

Meghan D…

май 5, 2018
I loved my hair style. Kayla did an amazing job with my eyebrows an my lashes. I left the shop feeling so beautiful. I will be back in 2 weeks.
Отвечено: май 7, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Awwwww thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity😍😍😍😍 glad you lwft feeling beautiful because that you are😍😍😍 see you soon

Vonceil R…

апр. 22, 2018
She does awesome work! I can definitely say she has growing hands!
Отвечено: май 7, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx my love and I'm going to miss you when you leave but I wish you the best on all of you future endeavors... One of my most loyal clients ever😍😍😍😍😍

Crystal S…

апр. 15, 2018
My twins hair so beautiful and they love it!!!!!!!
Отвечено: апр. 15, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
😍😍😍 thank u for allowing me to do their hair

Valencia S…

апр. 5, 2018
Отвечено: апр. 5, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
thanx a bunch hunni.... i most def try to please each and everyone of u😍

Geusha A…

март 29, 2018
The best hands down she puts up with me trust she is amazing!!!!!!!
Отвечено: март 29, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx my love😍

Zetta D…

март 23, 2018
Great Customer Service; Exactly wat I Ask for; Sooo luv my Bob its looks so natural & I will be booking again ....
Отвечено: март 23, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanx a bunch.... Glad i was able to give you what you wanted.... see you soon😍

Querria B…

февр. 9, 2018
Awesome as always

Keisha B…

февр. 3, 2018
I absolutely love my hair the service was great and very professional! Im getting a lot of compliments thanks again kayla marie it wont be my last visit either!
Отвечено: февр. 3, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
glad you love it... thanx for trusting me with your hair... see you soon😍

Felecia T…

янв. 31, 2018
Kayla you the best girl....I love my hair...You stuck with me for life boo!!!!!!!
Отвечено: янв. 31, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanks hun and im so glad I was able to meet and service you.... 😍

janelle y…

янв. 31, 2018
Loved my hair timly fashion was in and out
Отвечено: янв. 31, 2018
Kaytered Stylez
Thanks hun and hope to see you again soon😍