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The Naturalist
The Naturalist
The Naturalist
The Naturalist

A massage therapy practice, focused on repetitive motion injury and homeostasis.

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  1. Kristen M.

    I have a lot of tension and have issues fully relaxing. Perry was up for the challenge. I typically am sore the day after a massage, but He made sure to target my trouble areas without causes pain. I left feeling relaxed and today (the next day) I feel less tense. I'm looking forward to my next massage with Perry!

  2. Gary J.

    Can really be described in 1 word, Professional! Perry knows his craft. He was able to twll me where i carried my tension. He shared his knowledge of the body and muscles. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I highly recommended him. The atmosphere was calming and that helped as this was my first massage. I left feeling great and thinking i will definitely return. It was exactly what i needed. Perry knows his stuff!

  3. Gerard A.

    Perry gives a good and complete massage. Very attentive to my concerns and needs. Nice environment for the massage.

  4. John B.

    Great rub down, massage. Perry has a smooth comfortable voice to listen to and is truly it seems a great guy. He'll keep quiet but if you engage with him, you'll have a great low key conversation while he delivers a great massage.

  5. Jonathan D.

    Perry is great! He helped me with my neck and shoulder and was very kind in coaching me on neuromuscular concepts and how to move forward with rehabilitation.

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