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the Standard
6085 12th Street. N., Oakdale, 55128
9 отзывов

the Standard

6085 12th Street. N., Oakdale, 55128
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    • Haircut

    • Beard trim

    • Haircut and Shave

    • Straight Razor Shave

    • Men's Shave and Facial

    • Facial

    • Haircut and Beard Trim


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9 отзывов
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Jayden X…

дек. 29, 2020
Great customer service and haircut...
Отвечено: дек. 29, 2020
the Standard
Thanks Jayden, it was awesome to have the opportunity to cut your hair!!

Chase S…

дек. 28, 2020
Colette isn't just a great conversationalist, she's a heck of a barber, too! Her shop is as clean and welcoming as her smile when you step in the door. I couldn't be happier with the experience or my haircut. Definitely recommend going here (:...
Отвечено: дек. 28, 2020
the Standard
Thanks Chase! You are an awesome conversationalist as well! I appreciate your business!

Jelen S…

нояб. 4, 2020
Very professional and the store owner is very nice and got me together, she’s definitely going to be one of my go to’s can’t wait for the next cut, also for it being Covid still around the prices are very good...
Отвечено: нояб. 3, 2020
the Standard
Jalen, thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you and have an opportunity to cut your hair!

Cherrell B…

нояб. 2, 2020
Professional,Clean Great Customer Service I Would Recommendation This Shop Over ANY shop in Sait Paul‼️...
Отвечено: нояб. 1, 2020
the Standard
Cherrell, thank you so much!! I appreciate your business and I hope to see you all again!!

Charlene E…

окт. 19, 2020
Colette is an AMAZING barber she has cut my husbands, son and 4 of my grandsons hair oh and mine☺...
Отвечено: окт. 18, 2020
the Standard
Thanks, Charlene! You are amazing also and thank you for All your support!!

Scott N…

окт. 9, 2020
Collette is an amazing barber and delivered another terrific haircut! My experience was excellent - the shop is clean and safe and the haircut is a great value!...
Отвечено: окт. 8, 2020
the Standard
Thanks Scott for the review, Im so glad to have you as a customer!

Keith B…

окт. 8, 2020
Collette is very professional, personable and listens to the customer. Being new to the area, I am pleased and will be returning to this establishment. She has removed the pain in trying to find a barber of choice....
Отвечено: окт. 7, 2020
the Standard
Keith, it was great to meet you and have the opportunity to cut your hair! I am really happy that you were pleased with your haircut!

Daniel C…

окт. 7, 2020
Collette runs a very clean shop and takes all the precautions to make her customers feel comfortable. As always, she does great haircuts with an attention to detail. Booking appointments are really easy using the website....
Отвечено: окт. 6, 2020
the Standard
Thanks Dan for the awesome review!!

James S…

окт. 3, 2020
I have gotten my hair cut by Collette (the barber who owns this shop) for years at another location. I have been to this new location twice as of writing this review. The haircuts are the same great haircuts that I've come to expect, and the location... is very professional and clean. I'll be sure to keep coming back here.
Отвечено: окт. 2, 2020
the Standard
Thanks James, I appreciate you being a faithful customer!! Thanks for the review!!