Nae On The Slay

Celebrity / Entertainment Stylist & Braider. Currently based in LV. Also based in LA and OH. Message for a quick response to talk in detail and reserve your appointment NOW. I do travel, provide hair, and accessories all upon request for additional charges.

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Box Braids

Small Box Braids

6h 30m 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Jumbo Box Braids

4h 60,00 $ Забронировать

Regular Box Braids

5h 30m 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids

5h 30m 80,00 $+ Забронировать

Jumbo Lemonade Braids

3h 30m 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids w Box Braids

5h 30m 70,00 $+ Забронировать

Tribal Braids w 3 Layers

6h 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Feed ins

2 feed ins

1h 30m 20,00 $+ Забронировать

6 feed ins w dividers

2h 15m 60,00 $+ Забронировать

6 feed ins

2h 30m 55,00 $+ Забронировать

4 feed ins w dividers

1h 15m 40,00 $+ Забронировать

4 feed ins

1h 35,00 $+ Забронировать


Individual crochet faux locs

Crochet Locs individually installed.

2h 65,00 $+ Забронировать

Crochet styles

Weave, dreads, Box Braids, twists, etc.

1h 30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать

Specialty Braids *Goddess Braids, Faux Locs

Specialty looks

6h 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Ponytail Braid

Long Braided Ponytail (Individuals into Pony)

Long Mini individual feed ins into ponytail.

6h 30m 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Regular Braided Ponytail (Individuals into Pony)

Mini individual feed ins into ponytail.

5h 30m 70,00 $+ Забронировать

Long Ponytail Braid (Single)

Long Slick ponytail with extended braided ponytail.

1h 30m 35,00 $+ Забронировать

Regular length Ponytail Braid

Slick ponytail with extended braided ponytail.

1h 30m 25,00 $+ Забронировать

Mens Styles

Men’s Wash

Men’s Wash includes wash, oil scalp treatment, and dry.

30m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

2 feed in

50m 15,00 $+ Забронировать

4-6 Braids

1h 45m 25,00 $+ Забронировать

7-10 Braids

2h 30m 35,00 $+ Забронировать

Dread Retwist

3h 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Styles

Kids Braided styles (Boys)

1h 20,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Box Braids

4h 30m 60,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Layer Braids

Kids layer braids for $50 does NOT include beads. Select second pricing if you would want beads provided with the style. Also send color scheme and any other details pertaining hair accessories.

3h 30m 65,00 $+ Забронировать
3h 50,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Ponytail styles

2h 30m 25,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Press N’ Curl

Kids Press N’ Curl include press and Curls only. Child must come washed. Kids wash can be added to service.

1h 30m 25,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Wash N’ Press

Kids Wash N, Press includes wash, Blow Dry, and Press. Curls can be added for an up charge of $10.

2h 30m 45,00 $+ Забронировать
2h 35,00 $+ Забронировать

Kids Wash N Blow Dry

Kids Wash N’ Blow Dry is for children that just simply need that! With some added TLC of an oil scalp massage, detangle, and combed Blow Dry, your child’s hair will be moisturized, tangle free, and ready to go!

1h 15,00 $+ Забронировать

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  1. Dawaun avatar

    Dawaun D.

    Fresh 2 strand twist! Armani is super dope and does an amazing job! It took me 2 years to find someone in Vegas that I could trust to do my hair. Her vibe is phenomenal and she's very personable. There's no style she can't do! Absolutely recommend.

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