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TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop
N Ridge Ave, 3, Ambler, 19002
17 отзывов

TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop

N Ridge Ave, 3, Ambler, 19002


    • Haircut

    • Beard trim

    • Shave

    • Kids (12 & under)

    • Haircut and Beard

    • Line Up

    • Mini Facial

    • Loc retwist


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17 отзывов
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Kyle C…

янв. 30, 2021
Great job as always!!!!!...

Feas A…

янв. 5, 2021
Expect her to be late to your appointment if she shows up and for the shop to be closed. Good barber but very unprofessional and not worth the headache of booking...
Отвечено: янв. 30, 2021
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop
This client Feas Alex (real name Rafeas Alexander) got a haircut from me, walked out without paying and then blocked my number. After I called and texted him from multiple different phone numbers he then asked for a cash app to send me my money. He’s tried to book appointments with me after I told him that we couldn’t do business together anymore. Because I refused to work with him, he would book multiple appointments in one day under his name just to harass me and he also threatened to write a bad review. So here we are. Sn: I still have the screenshots of our messages Rafeas now drop it.

Richard J…

дек. 28, 2020
Отвечено: янв. 30, 2021
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop

Luz F…

дек. 19, 2020
I had a 9:30am apt and when I got there the shop was closed. I called the number and the barber arrived 15 minutes later. My sons cut was horrible and he had a nerve to charge me 30.00!!! Not a good experience at all and very unprofessional....
Отвечено: дек. 28, 2020
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop
That wasn’t me that cut your sons hair. I wasn’t there and I charge $20 for the young ones. Put a review on the right persons page

Jr G…

дек. 10, 2020
The best !...

Luz F…

дек. 3, 2020
I Loved my sons cut and the establishment was very professional....

Patrick B…

нояб. 7, 2020
Always great cut...

Andrew H…

окт. 31, 2020
Taylor always takes great care to make sure I'm looking good. Final Touch Barbershop is a pillar in the community and a blessing....

Charles R…

окт. 30, 2020
Great Customer service, Taylor took her time and engaged with customer while cutting. Atmosphere was Covid -19 safe for the barbers and customers....

Brett W…

сент. 30, 2020
Been to Taylor 3 times now. I think the overall experience gets better everytime. She’s is great!...

Shae S…

сент. 15, 2020
Great cut very professional...

Michael G…

сент. 12, 2020
Great cut as always....

Terrell T…

сент. 10, 2020
I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to get but the outcome was great, thanks...
Отвечено: сент. 10, 2020
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop
Thank you Terrell!! Glad you liked it.

Tax M…

июль 17, 2020
Sharp...word up...

James W…

июль 15, 2020
Best barber out!...
Отвечено: июль 15, 2020
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop

Brett W…

июль 11, 2020
Taylor did a great job on my son’s hair!...

Spencer H…

июль 9, 2020
Had me sitting there for a half hour just to tell me to reschedule...
Отвечено: июль 9, 2020
TAYLOR Final Touch Barbershop
I never confirmed your appointment.. it was on auto confirm I should have checked but Book your appointment at least an HOUR AHEAD OF TIME.