Phillyprofilecuts & LOCS
Phillyprofilecuts & LOCS
Phillyprofilecuts & LOCS
Phillyprofilecuts & LOCS

I am a blessed Barber who loves to give the cut you want not what I want. I don't rush my clients in give them the time they deserve and offer services some Barbers don't. Also I do house calls - call for pricing

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Другие услуги

Crochet los (I locate loc )

8h 550,00 $ Забронировать

Man Unit Full Afro(50% down)

4h 450,00 $+ Забронировать

Adult Services

Adult line up

Line up adult Men includes beard and mustache

30m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Cesar hair cut

20m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Fades

30m 25,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Scissor Cut

45m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Adult bald head with straight razor

30m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Fades & Beard shape Up

Adult fade and beard shape up with edgers no straight razor with straight razor add 5.00

45m 30,00 $+ Забронировать

Adult Airbrushing head and beard

30m 50,00 $ Забронировать

Afult Color bleaching for dread ends

1h 60,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Hair Washing Standard and Conditioning

20m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Beard Trim and Line Up

Trimmed down or cut no fade. With fade 20.00 and edge up razor or clippers

35m 20,00 $+ Забронировать

Bald head and beard trim with semi permanent color

Balding of head with clippers and electric shaver edging of beard and color added

1h 65,00 $ Забронировать

Adult coloring dread ends

Bleaching not included if needed

1h 30m 75,00 $ Забронировать

Hot Towel Shaves

Light Facial exfoliation of the face and hot lather shave

40m 30,00 $ Забронировать

Hair Washing For Dandruff and Conditioning

20m 15,00 $ Забронировать
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Eyebrows arching

Razor arching only

15m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Eyebrow tinting

Tinting semi permanent dye

25m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Man Units cancelation fee is $100.00

Adult Man Units Partial (50% down)

2h 100,00 $+ Забронировать

Man Units Short Afro (50% down)

3h 200,00 $+ Забронировать

Man Units Waves (50% down)

3h 250,00 $+ Забронировать

Man Units Locs (50% down)

4h 350,00 $+ Забронировать

Man Units Full Afro (50% down)

4h 30m 450,00 $+ Забронировать

Hot Waxing Eyebrows and Facial areas

Hot Waxing Beard Line

30m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Hot Waxing Ear and Nose Hair

20m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Hot Waxing Ear Hair

15m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Hot waxing nose hair

15m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Adult Facials Men/Women

Facials MEN / WOMEN

Exfoliating scrub moisturizing scrub charcoal peel-off mask hot steam towel what

45m 45,00 $ Забронировать

20 minute facial scrubbing

20m 25,00 $ Забронировать

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment stand Alone

1h 75,00 $ Забронировать

Olaplex with any Chemical Treatment

2h 35,00 $ Забронировать

Adult LOCS (Wash/conditioner included)

Adult Retwist/ Two strand ($ base on hair length )

2h 85,00 $ Забронировать

AVC Shampoo

1h 45,00 $ Забронировать

Adult box braids price

4h 30m 150,00 $ Забронировать

Child Locs (wash/ conditioner included)

Kids box braids ( age 5 to 12) U provide all hair

4h 100,00 $ Забронировать

Children Twist or Re-Twist ( include rope style)

2h 65,00 $ Забронировать

Loc styles( wash not included in services )

Double Barrel/Fishtail braids (price per braids)

1h 15m 20,00 $ Забронировать

Barrel twists (per Barrel pricing)

1h 8,00 $ Забронировать

Pipe cleaner curls

3h 75,00 $ Забронировать

Shoe string buns

2h 50,00 $ Забронировать

Two stand twist

2h 70,00 $ Забронировать

Z stitch

2h 65,00 $ Забронировать

Basket wave ( med to long)

3h 30m 95,00 $ Забронировать
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Standard (organic blacksoap Shampoo )

30m 10,00 $ Забронировать

Tea tree shampoo/ conditioner

30m 15,00 $ Забронировать

Co wash/ shampoo/ deep conditioning

45m 25,00 $ Забронировать

Adult loc Extension/ Attachments (full head)

Crochet loc *(full head U provide loc)

Note: Completion of payment is due upon day of service. I will wash and dry hair/locs on day of service, Extension has been perpare in advance by me before appointment date. Installment is done and a protective style will be done any additional information will be available for you ( Client) before leaving

8h 450,00 $ Забронировать

Sew in loc* U provide locs

NOTE: COMPLETION OF PAYMENT IS DUE UPON DAY OF SERVICE The Client is required to provide all locs needed for this service. Please note that locs must be given to me in advance (7 to 10 day ) to be properly washed and prepare for installation. Upon arrival Client hair/ locs will be washed, dry and condition that installment will be done a protective style will be done and any additional information will be available for you before leaving

8h 350,00 $ Забронировать

Sew in locs ( I locate locs for service

PLEASE NOTE: NO APPOINTMENT ARE/WILL BE SET UNTIL YOUR FULL DEPOSIT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY PAID( which is not refundable)but can be reset the day of service as long as both parties are notified 7 to 10 days in advance. With the approval on delivered locs the Client upon arrival on appointment date I will wash,dry and condition your( Client) hair/ locs and sew in locs extensions i will also provide a protective style and give any additional information for your hair needed before leaving

8h 500,00 $ Забронировать

Crochet instead locs (I will locate seller of loc)

Completion of payment is due upon day of service Upon arrival Client I will wash and dry hair and once installment is completed your locs will be done in and a protective style and any additional information will be available to you for proper care and maintenance

8h 550,00 $ Забронировать

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  1. Wayne avatar

    Wayne C.

    I enjoyed the experience as a well knowledgeable barber and stylest Kenneth is one if not the best barber I've gone to. I will highly recommend going to check him out. Good conversation and an comfortable atmosphere.

  2. Trevor avatar

    Trevor R.

    Always amazing, very impressive attention to detail. And a great friend overall.

  3. Terrell avatar

    Terrell B.

    Quality barber will definitely be coming back again.

  4. Juan avatar

    Juan M.

    Great barber!!!

  5. Anthony avatar

    Anthony M.

    Always a good experience when I go get my haircut always professional and on time my kids actually enjoy getting his haircut now

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