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The Keys Grooming Co.
2200 S Bucknell Street, Philadelphia, 19145
33 отзывов
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The Keys Grooming Co.

2200 S Bucknell Street, Philadelphia, 19145
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    Популярные Услуги

    • Adult Haircut (Baldie,Fade, Mohawk)

    • Kids Cut (Ages 1-12)

    • Shape Up/Beard trim


  • Другие Услуги

    • Adult Haircut (Baldie,Fade, Mohawk)

    • Teens (Ages 13-17)

    • Kids Cut (Ages 1-12)

    • Shape Up/Beard trim

    • House Call

    • Early Bird/ Late Night Special

    • Designs


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33 отзывов
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Ameen B…

сент. 30, 2020
Great barber well respected kind I been going to AJ since I was 8 years old never anyone one else he’s one of the best in South Philly 100%

Ryan W…

сент. 8, 2020
Very professional and gives you celebrity treatment for grooming. Continuous improvement in customer service has been the key to AJs success.

Abdul M…

авг. 26, 2020
Bought me back ! 💯

Pablo M…

июль 30, 2020
Best cuts around!

Samule G…

июль 22, 2020
First time gettin cut by AJ known him for a couple years now tho, AJ orchestrated and perfect skin fade and we had a sharp conversation throughout the duration of my haircut will be goin to him on the regular ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

Carol M…

июль 14, 2020
Ajay is very professional and demonstrates excellent customer services skills. He is an excellent barber...or should I say artist. He cuts my hair EXACTLY the way I want it and is not afraid to make recommendations on how it would look ever bett...

James M…

июль 8, 2020
It was good vibe . You have to appreciate good energy and service!! The cut was sharp as well. I would recommend and return.

KeVaughn F…

июль 6, 2020
New setup is more comfortable and one on one.

Neko P…

июнь 26, 2020
Always a great atmosphere, nothing short of it!

Nathan G…

июнь 24, 2020
Brought my sons back to life!

oday j…

март 20, 2020
Always top notch service wherever the cuts at!!!!

Terell S…

март 17, 2020
Another one ☝🏾 💯

Charles G…

март 15, 2020
AJ always gives an A+ experience!! Punctual, Personable, Respectful and also the best barber I know when it comes to cleanliness.. Always a pleasure and will always be a client.

Bradley C…

март 13, 2020
Professional and courteousness at it utmost. Truly a pleasure.

Marquies C…

март 7, 2020
AJ is the example of professionalism and quality! Ive been getting my hair cut with him for the past 4 years. No better barber in the city, highly recommend!

Salim W…

февр. 29, 2020
Very professional, very welcoming . Great service and conversation . My son also got his hair cut, AJ been cutting his hair since we was 2, he’s now 6! We are very appreciative for AJ! 5 star cut

Myles W…

февр. 28, 2020
My mans always hooking me up. Line up sharp, sideburns chopped and smooth, just pure clean.

Jahier D…

февр. 27, 2020
Very professional hair care and very skillful precision! Satisfied as always.

Charles P…

февр. 27, 2020
AJ never disappoints. Always brings me back to life when need be.

Eddie B…

февр. 26, 2020
Never disappoint !
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