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1103 Grand Blvd #175, Suite 175, Kansas City, MO, 64106
88 отзывов


1103 Grand Blvd #175, Suite 175, Kansas City, MO, 64106


    • Haircut and Beard Trim

      Shampoo, Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish, and Style
      $ 35.00
    • Haircut

      Shampoo, Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish, and Style
      $ 25.00
    • Beard Trim

      Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish comes with cleanup
      $ 15.00
    • Full Service Hair Cut

      Shampoo, Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish, Charcoal Peel, Facial ...
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      $ 55.00
    • Shave

      Hot Towel Razor Finish, moisturizer and Style
      $ 15.00
    • Young Adults 11 to 15

      Shampoo, Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish, and Style
      $ 20.00
    • Eye Brow

      Razor Finish and Moisturizer
      $ 15.00
    • Purification Facial

      Clean and scrub, Charcoal peel, Aromatherapy Facial Steam an...
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      $ 20.00
    • Steam Facial

      Aromatherapy Facial Steam, Moisturizer
      $ 10.00
    • Kids 10 under

      Shampoo, Cut, Hot Towel Razor Finish, and Style
      $ 15.00
    • The Clean-Up

      Line Up and Razor
      $ 15.00

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88 отзывов
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Lindale M…

янв. 16, 2020
Clean cut with excellent customer service

Brandon H…

янв. 6, 2020
Great environment

Derron P…

дек. 27, 2019
Great experience. Peaceful atmosphere.

Romarta M…

дек. 24, 2019
Very impressive. I will be back Mr. Pate

Max L…

дек. 12, 2019
great haircut

Ali C…

окт. 21, 2019
Falah is a great barber, with phenomenal service! Never had any issues and I’m usually in and out with my haircut appointment pretty quick. He treats his clients the way a client would want to be treated! Oh and the location is right in the middl...

David S…

дек. 7, 2019
Great haircut

Jason J…

дек. 1, 2019
Great service! Will be back.

Jacob W…

окт. 31, 2019
Falah's a talented guy, and was able to tell me more about my hair and how to manage it than the sum of every other barber I've been to. Combined with a great location and a good price, I'll be back.

Stacy S…

окт. 26, 2019
Good brother with a nicely decorated shop. Falah is a throwback barber. Definitely schooled in the finer service aspects of barbering.

Pam M…

окт. 21, 2019
I was impressed with the shop and my barber Falah. He was professional, he let me know he'd be a few minutes late. It was worth the wait.

Damon C…

окт. 25, 2019
Best barbershop in the downtown area

Sam S…

окт. 23, 2019
Great haircut and friendly service.

Markell G…

окт. 4, 2019
Falah Pate is a great barber. I recommend his services. He got me looking crispy for this vacation.

Celeste B…

сент. 25, 2019
As always I’m not familiar with barbershop talk or lingo. So just keep doing what you do🎈

Ian N…

сент. 12, 2019
Don't even bother looking elsewhere. Best barber in town. Period.

Andrew S…

сент. 14, 2019

Alexeo S…

сент. 3, 2019
Always on time for appointments, good cuts and a good host.
Отвечено: сент. 3, 2019
Thanks sir

Alexander C…

авг. 31, 2019
Great cut

Erica S…

авг. 10, 2019
MY SON DID NOT CRY!!!! This is big for me!!! Mr. Falah was nice and very professional!!!!! Both my boy's hair looks wonderful!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖
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