24 hour massage
Pine Bluff, AR

24 Hour Massage in Pine Bluff, AR (5)

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  • Truth Beauty Bar

    1.6 mi 1520 Blake St, Pine Bluff, 71603

    2 Feed In Briads


    Healthy Hair


    Hair Loss (Private)

  • Locs On Lock

    758 m 1405 W 6th Ave, Pine Bluff All-Stars, Pine Bluff, 71603

    Un-maintained Locs (4 or more months )

    Client with locs that need separating will require additional charge

    2-Strand Twist for half fade


    2-Strand Twist Restyle Half/Fade

    2 or more locs are twisted around each other, then secured with rubber band.
  • CourtiqueStyles LLC.

    2.9 mi 2303 Woodlawn Dr, Pine Bluff, 71601

    2 Feed’Ins

    1pk of 52in’ Outre 3X X-Pression Pre Stretched Hair 1 Jar Ebin Edge Control

    4 Feed’Ins

    Extra $25 for Small Braids Between 1pk of 52in’ Outre 3X X-Pression Pre Stretched Hair 1 Jar Ebin Edge Contr...ol
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    Quick Weave Styles (Prices Varies)

  • Peaky Braids

    0.7 mi Address provided upon booking, Pine Bluff, 71601

    Man Bun


    Crochet Braids (without hair included)


    Feed-in Braids (large) (Deposit Required)

  • Brown Beauty

    907 m 812 W. 26th Ave., Pine Bluff, 71601

    Basic man bun 30 deposit


    1 on 1 braiding classes


    How to come prepared

    READ! Thank you so much for your interest. I look forward to servicing your hair needs. Braiding hair is now i...ncluded for all styles excluding crochet styles DEPOSITS ARE DUE AT BOOKING IF YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE YOUR APPT U HAVE TO DO SO AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPT OR YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY A NEW DEPOSIT NO SHOWS ARE AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKED FROM BOOKING NO EXCEPTIONS STYLES CAN NOT BE CHANGED AT APPT WHATEVER IS BOOKED IS WHAT YOU GET AND CANCELLATION FEES ARE IN EFFECT* Hair must be clean and free of oils prior to arrival. If not, the appt is subject to an additional charge or cancelled. ** Hair MUST be STRETCHED EXCEEDINGLY WELL with a blow dryer with a comb attachment (flat-ironed on 4c and 4d texture hair) from roots to end; hair unprepared is subject to an additional charge or cancellation All prices are starting prices and mid back length there will be an additional charge for longer lengths hair must be at least 4 inches for any style you desire and you must have healthy edges small braids can only be booked at 9am NO BOOKINGS CAN BE MADE AFTER 5pm even if it opened Please view portfolio pics for descriptions of each service I provide all deposits are non refundable and non transferable and due at booking CASHAPP$1ebon or use PAYPAL: brownbeautybyebony@gmail.com NOTE HAIR COLOR WHEN PAYING DEPOSIT if not paid within 24hrs the appt will be cancelled NO EXCEPTIONS‼️ NO ADDITIONAL PEOPLE ALLOWED NO SLEEPING OR DOZING
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