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Chattanooga, TN

Medical Estheticians in 37421 - Chattanooga, TN (2)

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  • Beauty Of Ra Spiritual

    6.4 mi Ringgold Rd, 3740, East Ridge, 37412

    Tarot Reading

    •Clairvoyant-Medium Tarot Session The service begins with a assessment of your aura/chakra, advances into a ...reading of your immediate to near future, and closes with questions or concerns about your life or personal wellbeing as time permits. ****This Is Not A Medium Session****
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    •Mediumship This service provides you with an opportunity to share and exchange memorable moments, comforting... words, and information with loved ones in a comatose state, transitioning, or that have passed.. **Feel free to bring items that belong to your loved one if you feel it helps you better connect to them***
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    Deluxe Soul Therapy

    •Deluxe Soul Therapy This service is the ultimate spiritual journey, and a favorite to those seeking guidanc...e in their everyday life as well as connections to/guidance from God, Jesus, Ancestors, Astral Plane, Angels, God’s, Goddesses And etc.. .. If you’re feeling lost or beginning a new journey in life, or spiritual belief this may be the perfect option for you. Includes Mediumship With Gods, Goddesses, And Spirit Guides
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  • Keasha Wurrks

    17.8 mi 1301 Lay St SE, Cleveland, 37311

    **HOUSE CALLS***


    **Hair length extra charge!!!**