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Kim Kimble Shares Educational Tips with the Industry

Kim Kimble featured image

If there’s an uncrowned queen in the world of styling hair and offering valuable educational tips to industry professionals—the crown without a doubt goes to Kim Kimble. After almost thirty years of creating some of the most stylish looks in the industry, Kim is an unmatched icon who has reached the highest level of success without ever slowing down. 

Her hairstyles have been featured in roughly 40 motion pictures, including the Grammy award winning film Homecoming. The long list of celebrities who have worn her hair styles include Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj, Mary J. Blige, Halle Berry, and Shakira—just to name a few.

Despite her many accomplishments, Kim continues to give back to the industry. She regularly creates hairstyles that quite literally resemble works of high art. Her signature line of hair products are sold in stores across the country. And yet, she still finds the time to share her gifts with the world by offering educational tips via magazines, television, webinars, and social media. 

Keep reading to learn what motivates this industry phenomenon. Find out why she chose to switch to better booking by becoming a Booksy Ambassador. And take note on why she believes in creating educational content to help her fellow beauty professionals achieve the level of artistry that she has so gracefully mastered during a career that’s far from over.


Knowledge is Power

When it comes to working in the industry, both behind the chair and as an educator, Kim continues to give her all. Most industry professionals know and love her award-winning work with Beyoncé. Having worked with the music sensation for over twenty years, Kim has been the creative force behind countless iconic hairstyles.

Even though Kim stays busy with celebrity styling on the road and from inside her private salon, she still finds time to share educational tips whenever possible. 

Most recently, Kim teamed up with Cartoon Network's Craig Of The Creek by hosting a mini-series where she showcased her skills and offered styling tips. In an episode that aired this month, she created cornrows in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, and she celebrated hairstyles worn by Afro-Latinas. 

The bulk of her educational tips are available on her Instagram and YouTube pages. In particular, Kim regularly uploads videos from her own reality show, LA Hair. On many of the episodes, she shares her simple philosophy: healthy hair and great style must coexist. And the best way to empower stylists to create beautiful, healthy locs is by teaching.

“To me, knowledge gives a certain amount of power. It was that way for me when I first got into the business. Even early on, I knew I was preparing for something big. So, I took as many classes as I could. I wanted to educate myself, as much as possible, because I always felt like it was important to keep expanding my repertoire regarding skills that I could offer,” said Kim.

Another reason why Kim continues to offer educational tips to the beauty community, is because it’s important to stay “abreast and on top of what's happening. Beauty and wellness is one of those industries where things just evolve. Trends change, technology changes and that’s just the business. It's a constantly changing and evolving space,” she said.

Educational Tips with Booksy

With over 509,000 followers regularly viewing her educational tips on Instagram and thousands of online viewers regularly tuning into her YouTube page, it’s safe to say that Kim has changed the lives of enough industry professionals to populate a small city. 

Sharing her knowledge by providing educational tips to empower others is a major priority for Kim. Selflessly giving industry professionals the tools to educate themselves empowers the stylists who tune in. But it also helps to elevate the industry as a whole.

“It’s all positive, because it’s always about helping people move forward, which is the right direction. Giving stylists the knowledge to better themselves in a number of different ways helps. And it’s better for me to give that knowledge so I can offer as much as I possibly can to the hair and beauty community,” she said. 

Throughout her career, Kim has shared a host of technical knowledge. And that's to help make sure that stylists have the resources to improve their skill sets with regards to using specific types of products and tools. But she also offers tips to help stylists with the business side of working in the beauty industry.

For those reasons and several more, Kim decided to work closely with Booksy. In less than three years of working as a Booksy Ambassador, Kim has created four educational videos featured on the Booksy YouTube page.

Click on the following titles to watch all of her Booksy videos:

  1. Kim Kimble Stays Organized with Booksy
  2. Tutorial Alert! Flat Top How-To by Kim Kimble
  3. Hair Tutorial Alert! How To Create Waves with a Flat Iron
  4. Holiday Hair with Kim Kimble

Additionally, Kim offered a host of educational tips in a blog article that instructed beauty professionals on how to release and market their own product line. She also spearheaded this year’s Black History Month campaign, which was designed to help people understand Black hair culture while celebrating its rich history.


Sharing a Legacy

By working with Booksy, Kim gets to share educational tips that help spread knowledge. Naturally, she encourages experienced industry professionals to consider doing the same. But for everyone else, it’s just as important to soak up and help spread the word about these valulable educational resources. They're designed to benefit the beauty community, Kim said. 

“On a personal level, I am a third generation hairstylist who remembers learning the intricacies of how to create beautiful looks and hairstyles from both my grandmother and my mother. I truly love this industry and feel passionately about our shared ability to make a person look and feel better about themselves, because of the work that we all perform behind the chair,” she said.

Because of that close personal relationship to the industry, Kim plans to continue producing educational tips. So, stay on the lookout for more from Kim. In particular, she wants to help educate more barbers and stylists on how to run their businesses. To do just that, she is taking steps to talk about client retention, building a business, and marketing a brand.

Where to Find More Educational Tips:

Make sure to review Kim's website, Instagram page, and YouTube videos for more educational content. Expect personalized advice on how to succeed in the industry. And to keep learning even more from Kim, arguably the most accomplished stylist in the beauty industry, who has no plans on slowing down, check out her upcoming educational work with Booksy. 

Continue learning educational tips by registering for her Booksy Educational Webinar. Participating in her upcoming webinar is simple. Check our website for times and dates. Then register to help grow your business or sharpen your skills. Bring questions, learn from peers, and take your business to new heights.

“It's important for me to pay it forward. And it's important for me to help someone else who might need the education and knowledge that I have. It's important to just continue inspiring other professionals to keep evolving both technically and in the business sense,” Kim said.


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