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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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The holiday season is right around the corner and you might be searching for the perfect gift for the man in your life. At Booksy, we have a variety of services available that make great gifts for men, especially those looking to improve their health in the new year.  We decided to create a gift guide for men to make it easy for you to give him what he really wants to look and feel his best. Happy Holidays!

barber appointment

A Barber Appointment

We all know how important it is to find the right barber who will deliver a great experience, so why not treat him to an appointment with his favorite? If your guy likes to get cut every couple of weeks, he will definitely appreciate you chipping in for an appointment or two.

So for this holiday season, consider getting him a haircut with his barber or setting up an extra service like a beard or eyebrow trim to make him feel refreshed. 

Barber Services at Booksy


Massage Package

Not only do massages help you relax, but they have so many benefits to overall health and wellness! Aside from making sore muscles feel better and promoting relaxation, a massage can improve circulation, skin tone, joint mobility, and reduce inflammation. The list is endless with good things that come from getting a massage!

If he is looking to improve his health and wellness in the new year, an appointment with a massage therapist might be the way to go! Treat him to a session in your area through the Booksy app or website.

Massage Services at Booksy

holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine treatments

These types of services focus on treating the mind and body as one and can be extremely beneficial for overall health. Some services offered through Booksy include, cupping, acupuncture, chiropractor, ayurveda and more. Help your significant other or family member feel better than ever with these treatments!

Read more about each service and book a session through Booksy. 

Holistic Medicine Treatments at Booksy

personal training

Personal Training

Something that most people start off doing in the new year is joining a gym or fitness program! Help him achieve his goals this year by setting him up with a coach who will push him to stay on track.

Personal trainers help keep you accountable and personalize your training schedule to fit your goals. They are able to give you undivided attention and help you establish lifelong habits for staying healthy. If he wants to get into shape this year, it might be time to set him up with a personal training package in your area!

Personal Training at Booksy

men's facial


We know this might not be the first thing you think of when looking for gifts for men, but it’s one to consider if the man in your life struggles with acne, is looking for anti-aging remedies, or just appreciates good skin. Men’s facials typically focus on shave related conditions, skin sensitivity, or dullness. An esthetician will typically use different oils than on women for best results.

Find the best person in your area to help him look and feel his best.

Facial Services at Booksy


Yes, men love manicures and pedicures too! Gift him an appointment to remove dead skin and clean up his nails. You both will appreciate it. Manicures also improve circulation and reduce the risk of infection with regular appointments. So they look great and are good for you!

Check out the availability in your area.

Manicure/Pedicure Services at Booksy

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